Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Afghan Govt. Will Focus on Political Settlement

In Bonn conference held 5 December, 2011, Afghanistan was able to gain commitments of long term financial and non-financial support from the international community. The international commitments signal the intention of United Sated and its allies towards rebuilding and stabilizing Afghanistan. Above all, these commitments would largely help to counter the negative impacts that were expected to economically and politically entrap Afghanistan after the withdrawal of international troops in 2014.

Contrary to Bonn conference in 2001, Afghanistan participated in Bonn two as independent party and explained its needs and wants quite straightforwardly to the international community.

Much lesson has been learned and many experiences have been gained over the decade in Afghanistan. The only big thing, the Afghan government should do is to keep its commitment to the world and the people of Afghanistan i.e. fighting corruption, bringing high level transparency and accountability and working to provide more security to the lives of Afghan people. It should not repeat its past mistakes but make proper uses of the opportunities available to it.

At Monday's conference in Bonn, foreign governments pledged to support Afghanistan long after allied troops go home, with or without a political settlement with insurgents. But most probably, a political settlement is something on which the government of Afghanistan will have a great focus in the years to come.

A political solution to Afghan conflict can only take place, if our neighboring countries specifically Pakistan supports it. Speaking in Berlin a day after Bonn conference, Karzai emphasizing on the role of Pakistan said that the two countries needed to work closely together.

"Pakistan's role in any negotiations with the Taliban is very important and that is what we are seeking," Kazai said. "Pakistan unfortunately suffers from the presence of sanctuaries (for Taliban insurgents) there and unless we address the sanctuaries and work together towards a comprehensive understanding of our problems and the eradication of radicalism we will neither see peace in Afghanistan nor peace and stability in Pakistan," he added.

Both the Afghan government and its international backers emphasize on the crucial role of Pakistan in bringing stability to Afghanistan. Pakistan is the country that will enjoy the greatest benefits of a peaceful Afghanistan. Therefore, it has to offer sincere cooperation in rebuilding and stabilizing Afghanistan for the sake of its own national interest.