Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Ashura Ceremony Turns Bloody

In addition to damages in terms of economy, infrastructure and human resources, Afghanistan has suffered great losses in terms of common values, culture and social assets such as confidence, trust and unity. The post-conflict nations, including Afghanistan, need to restore trust, confidence and the collective and shared values to bring about national unity to prevail over tensions, insecurity and social abnormalities.

National solidarity, the most substantial factor for building a prosperous society, can be symbolized in many forms. Lessening differences and putting emphasis on common points is the key solution to bring about national solidarity in any country.

Carrying partly a contentious background of ethnicities and religious sects in the course of its history, Afghanistan today demonstrates key components of national solidarity and unity. The development of a new era of cohesion, harmony and shared aims is bringing about a promising future for the country.

Ethnic groups, religious sects and racial factions are today turning into a national movement for further improvement of peace, stability and national strength. Afghan citizens, once more, demonstrated this fact on Ashura (10th of Moharram) Commemoration day. On Tuesday, millions of people gathered to commemorate the tenth of Muharram.

In truth, Ashura commemoration could serve as an obvious symbol of national solidarity by Afghan citizens and showed their decisive move for reforming social values, strengthening cultural cohesion and reinforcing national unity.

Unlike to any other religious ceremonies, Ashura gatherings were yesterday attacked by terrorist and sectarian suicide bombers in some Cities across the country. In the deadliest incident in Kabul, the rally was targeted by terrorists who aimed creating gaps among afghan citizens and deteriorate stability in the country.

More than fifty people were killed and more than a hundred injured in Kabul on Tuesday. Afghan officials in the ministry of interior said they were all civilians. This has been the deadliest suicide attack in the country for the last few years and the first of this kind in a religious ceremony.

Looking at the status quo in Afghanistan, incidents indicating sectarian violence will add to the current troubles surrounding Afghans. Analysts fear emerging sectarian violence will fuel tensions and increase instability in a country where security and stability stand at the top of government and public priorities.

The Daily Outlook Afghanistan believes that a tolerant and lenient Afghanistan will be the final solution to all cultural diversities. To promote a liberal view among citizens, Afghan religious scholars can, on their part, play significant role.

However, it should never be ignored that such terrorist incidents do not come from Afghan citizenry but come from an inhuman terrorist background. Citizens' increased tolerance and government's further accountability for ensuring security may put a remedy to the ongoing ill-minded intentions.