Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, December 10th, 2018

Opposition Delegation in Germany - A Broken Trust

Tomorrow, Monday, December 5, Bonn Conference is held in Germany. Representatives from 100 countries and 15 international organizations are attending this international summit to discuss the way forward and chart out a roadmap for assistance to Afghanistan beyond 2014. President Hamid Karzai is set to talk about the joint achievements of Afghan government and international community.

It is to be mentioned that president Karzai has spent his time mainly on non-democratic efforts, undermining the democratic institutions in the country. In fact, by his non-democratic efforts the president has squandered the opportunity that was rendered available for Afghan nation under Bonn One Conference agreements ten years ago.

While president Karzai is already in Germany, he is advised to take into account the advices offered by the traditional Loya Jirga, which was convened last month to discuss the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and US and there is no one to tell him to listen to the parliament and political parties.

As part of his non-democratic bids, President Karzai has created a network of close circles that do not pay any attention to the democratic processes and institutions. Over the last ten years, his government has been discouraging the growth and development of political parties and even hostile to them so as to keep the space for his traditional bargaining for holding power.

Instead of trying to get Afghan people accustomed to modern processes and institutions that can bring the country together, he has been resorting to traditions and customary practices that have held the country back from becoming a nation and achieving development.

Instead of working to make democracy as the "only player/actor in the town", president Karzai has been promoting tribal attachments at the expense of democratic institutions such as political parties that can aggregate legitimate and normative demands and present them in a unified fashion.

Since Afghanistan is facing interferences by the neighbors, there is a need for efforts to build consensus and unify political forces to challenge the outside attempts for keeping the country destabilized but unfortunately president Karzai and those tribal and traditionalist circles around him have broken the trust.

That is why we see that representatives of the Change and Hope Coalition, one of the main opposition alliances, are now in Germany during the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan's future direction to make sure that international community is not put under the illusion by president Karzai's twisted narrative of the work done and the future direction to be mapped.

Najib Yousaf, who is heading the Hope and Change Coalition delegation, has told Pajwhok News agency "The main objective behind our trip to Bonn is to present the alternative perspective on different aspects of the Afghanistan problem to the world and to convey the voice of the people."

He has also said that they would not take part in the conference but would meet officials of the host country and other participants. It shows that president Karzai is not representing the voices back home. It is hoped that international community would put president Karzai back on the track of democratic development, which is what Afghan youth desire.