Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Kabul-Delhi Deal Taking Practical Shape

As the Western troops are set to withdraw from Afghanistan by the 2014, regional countries are expected to expand their support and presence in this country. India is ahead of all. It has already signed a strategic deal with Afghanistan. The deal includes allowing India to train Afghan National Army (ANA). The Kabul-Delhi co-operation seems to be taking practical shape as according to reports India plans to fly 20,000 to 30,000 Afghan troops to training bases in India over the next three years and is expanding its presence in Afghanistan as US troops leave.

The number of ANA is to grow to 240,000 by 2014 but India seems to be concerned over its quality. "I detest these numbers that are put forward," retired General Ravi Sawhney, an adviser to the Indian government has said. According to him, "Unless it [ANA] is properly trained, cohesive, and has proper logistical support, this army risks turning into a mob.

India has a clear interest in creating a stable Afghanistan and we have the capacity and capabilities to train a large number of their troops."India is already contributing significantly to the development and reconstruction process of Afghanistan.

There is no doubt that such trainings have pivotal role in making ANA move towards becoming a competent force and helping it to become competent enough to defend Afghanistan on its own.

India has one of the world's strong armies and certainly, there will be much for Afghan soldiers to learn from experience and expertise of Indian army. ANA has appeared as the most trustable organization in the last ten years.

That is to be maintained and improved further by providing it with more equipments, weapons, aircrafts, technology and training. Under the 'transition process,' Afghan security forces are assuming more responsibilities. Therefore, they need to bolster their capacity.

The signing and implementation of deal by the Afghanistan and India signal the level of trust and cooperation between the two countries. The people of Afghanistan have always welcomed sincere cooperation from its neighbors and near neighbors.