Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Another Mistake: NATO Blind Raid on Pak Check Post

The recent raid of by NATO copters on Pakistani security check posts near Afghan border reportedly took lives of at least 26 Pakistani soldiers. The incident has triggered the anger of Pakistani nation and at the same will further worsen the already cracked Pak-US relations. This will definitely ruin the efforts put to create an environment in which Afghanistan and Pakistan could work to bolster cooperation in bettering the security condition.

In response to the attack, the Pakistani government has blocked its border for NATO supply. Perhaps, that is one of the significant tools in the hands of Pakistan which has been utilized time and again in the past too.

Certain circles in Pakistan have been strongly condemning the US drone attacks on the tribal areas that country deeming such attacks as attack on the sovereignty of Pakistan. The recent raid of NATO copters will do much to further boost up the anti-West sentiments in Pakistan.

Some of the political pundits deem the US attacks on tribal areas of Pakistan as a great failure of the government and spy agency of that country. According to them, a country with nuclear power and such a strong army should be able to get rid of terrorists on its land on its own and protect the people living therein. There should be no need of US drone attacks. Nonetheless, the Pakistani government pronounces itself as an important ally of US in fight against terrorism. Allowing US to launch drone attacks s is serving the same purpose.

The recent raid by NATO on Pakistani security check posts indicates that there is lack cooperation between Pakistani security forces and NATO and Afghan forces. Wrong intelligence reports - on which the NATO has taken swift actions - have taken lives of many innocent civilians both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The current attack is another blind attack by NATO and repetition of costly mistake.

In order to avoid such attacks in the future, measures should be taken both on Pakistani and NATO sides to improve sharing of secret intelligence information.