Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Time to Dislodge Terrorists from Tribal Areas

Pakistani government appears to be unprecedentedly incensed and enraged by the NATO air raid that killed about 24 Pakistani soldiers on Saturday, November 26. Pakistani authorities held an emergency meeting of the Defense Committee of the Cabinet (DCC) to discuss the airstrike. A statement from the Prime Minister's Secretariat said: "The DCC decided to close, with immediate effect, the NATO/ISAF logistics supply lines. It also decided to ask the US to vacate the Shamsi airbase within 15 days." In fact, Pakistani government and officials have left no stone unturned to wage an extremely angry protest against the Saturday's aerial assault, calling it as violation of international law and the country's sovereignty.

Pakistani government and intelligence apparatus were infuriated at the blitz that killed Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11 attacks on May 1 this year. But that anger was offset by the shame the death of terrorists leader on Pakistani soil brought to the political and military elites in Islamabad.

In addition, the post-Osama death tension was alleviated by the global appreciation of the sophisticated and highly effective intrusion that brought the world's number-one terrorist's life to end. However, Pakistani parliament, as it was reported by local and foreign media, passed a 12-point unanimous resolution calling upon the government to appoint an independent commission on the Abbottabad incident.

The parliament also called for blocking NATO supplies to ensure that such incidents would never happen again the unilateral attacks are brought to halt. The US and NATO military officials believe that drone attacks have been very successful in targeting some influential figures of militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan.

Pakistani government not only has launched widespread protest against the US and NATO but has also asked Afghan government to take necessary measures to ensure that Afghan territory is not used against Pakistan.

In a statement, Pakistani embassy in Kabul has said: "The protest underscores that the use of Afghan territory against Pakistan by NATO/ISAF is also a violation of ISAF's mandate for operations in Afghanistan."

The incident comes at the time while Afghan government is trying to sign a strategic agreement with US, which will allow the US to keep its forces in Afghanistan for a longer term and to establish some military bases in the country.

The neighbors including Pakistan had already raised their concern about this possible deal. So the death of Pakistani soldiers in the hands of NATO forces would further give rise to the concern of the neighboring countries including Pakistan. But it should be said that it is these types of incidents may continue to happen as long as terrorists and hard-line militants find safe havens in one or another area.

In fact, it is the terrorists that continue to eat into the national sovereignty of the countries in the region. There is a need for patience to be exercised and the only way to prevent the repetition of unpleasant incidents like this in the future is to join a concerted crusade for at least dislodging the terrorists from the region.

There have been countless Afghan civilians and soldiers killed by the terrorists and lunatic fringes that can easily lodge in areas that have to be under the national sovereignty being violated.