Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Strategic Deal will Benefit Afghanistan’s Stability

Security has gone on 'high alert' in capital Kabul as the Loya Jirga to mainly discuss strategic partnership with the United States has been going on with thousand of tribal elders, high government officials, MPs, and foreign guests participating in it. Keeping the past experience in view, there are fears of terrorists' attack as Taliban will put efforts to ruin the Loya Jirga. At the same time, Afghans are seeing the glass as half full and hopes are high about the strategic deal with United States.

Although many deem endorsement of strategic deal with US through traditional Loya Jirga as unconstitutional, people are optimist about its outcomes. Due to consecutive allegations over our neighboring countries for supporting, training and financing insurgents, they have been largely defamed in the eye of public.

The people see long term presence of US in Afghanistan as a way to reduce negative interference of regional countries in Afghanistan. The agreement is pivotal, as it is expected to counter the severe concerns over the security and economy of Afghanistan beyond the international troops' withdrawal in 2014. Above all, a clear framework of the US presence in Afghanistan will be established that will assist the war on terrorism and development process to go more systematic.

Need to mention, the growth of insurgency despite the presence of thousands of NATO and Afghan force has created many questions in the minds of people. The strategic partnership will make the West more committed to Afghanistan and will ensure people that the international community is not here for planting potatoes but for making Afghanistan move towards peace, democracy and economic stability.

There are no doubts that Afghanistan's neighboring countries have serious concerns over the long term US presence in the region but Afghanistan has to make decisions that are in its best national interest. However, it is also important for Afghanistan to address the real concerns of our neighboring countries as it would need support from these countries to stabilize its security and economy in both short and long run. In other words, the government of Afghanistan should stay firm to what it has been maintaining since long i.e. Afghanistan should not be allowed to be used against any country.