Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, October 22nd, 2018

A Dashed Hope; People Remain Pessimistic

When foreign forces came into Afghanistan on November 13, 2001, a life filled with hope began anew in the country. More than ten years later, the dismay has replaced that high hope and there is a fuzzy picture of the future down to the fact that there are not enough guarantees that the country will not collapse into chaos again as Afghan forces are assuming the security responsibility for regions of our land, the government is in a state of confusion, Taliban are returning and international troops are leaving.

Due to lack of coordination between international community and Afghan government and due to the government's inefficiency, people's hopes for a better future have been dashed. Afghans' dreams of freedom, democracy and prosperous life have crumbled and disintegrated into struggle for survival.

On Tuesday, November 15, 2011, Asia Foundation reported that more than half of 6,300 interviewees fear their lives on a daily basis. The Foundation claims that their survey, conducted mainly between July and August, has covered all 34 provinces of the country.

People have painted a pessimistic picture of the direction of the country because of insurgent attacks, violence and terrorism. Although the respondents have expressed satisfaction with improved access to education and health services, it must be said that if security situation remains prone to collapse, the progresses made in the files of education and health services will not be sustainable, particularly given the fact that corruption still remains rampant and unemployment rate has increased.

There is a legitimate reason for people to be pessimistic when Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries, when people have to pay bribes for getting things done and when they are not sure if they return home safe and sound when they leave home in the morning.

Asian Foundation reports on its website that the level of sympathy for Taliban militants has declined significantly. It means that the Taliban and other insurgent groups have lost their public support because of their continued violence and atrocities.

But it can also be inferred that it is the bad governance, corruption and inefficient administration that provide context for the Taliban continue their battle and kill and wound people. This inefficient government is failing to build on the gains; instead it is losing the ground to the Taliban and other insurgents due to ineffective policies and plans.