Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Hajigag Iron Mine Project Needlessly Pending!

Afghanistan has to start standing on its feet in regards to both security and economy. In order to have a prosperous future, Afghanistan has to utilize the opportunities available to it. Although much time has gone futile, this country still has a number of instruments in its hand. Proper utilization of those instruments can lead the country out of the vulnerable condition it is having today. For proper utilization, there is a pressing need for better management and drastic administrative reforms. But unfortunately, at current there seems to be no political will for implementation of such a change.

On the economy side, the large deposits of mineral resources lying beneath the Afghan land are being deemed as pivotal by economy pundits to take this country out of the fragile economic condition it is currently facing. Since the eruption of news on the more than three trillion worth Afghan minerals, certain resources hungry nations have exhibited great interest to invest in the mining sector of Afghanistan. That is despite the lowest security prevailing in here. China and India are among the top countries running vigorously to win opportunities of investment in extraction of minerals of Afghanistan.

Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh has said that President Hamid Karzai likes Indian investment in Afghanistan in the future when there is a changed situation. Singh and Karzai held talks on the sidelines of the just concluded SAARC summit in the Maldives. "President Karzai also mentioned to me that in the changed situation he would like Indian investments in Afghanistan.

In this connection he mentioned the iron ore mines which will soon be available for participation by foreign investment," the Indian Prime Minister told journalists on his way back to New Delhi.

Large deposits of iron ore are present in the Hajigag mines of Bamiyan province. The Ministry of Mines and Industries has time and again reported that the Hajigag mines would be available for bidding of international companies.

There is a pressing need for kick start the Hajigag project as it will not only provide significant employment opportunities for the people but also generate billions of dollars of revenue for the government of Afghanistan. Nonetheless, work is yet to be started and no one is certain how much time it will take. Security is not can not be deemed a critical hindrance to this project as Bamiyan has been the most secure province of Afghanistan since the expel of Taliban government in late 2001.