Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

The Status of Women is Deteriorating

Though the condition of women in Afghanistan has improved much since the downfall of Taliban, serious concerns are yet to be diminished regarding the future of women in the country. The obsolete tribal values and religious extremism still persist in different corners of the country and threaten the women to a great extent. Many parts of the country still remain dominated by Talibanistic view about women and there have been incidents of victimizing the girls and women every now and then in order to depreciate their position.

There have been certain incidents wherein the lunatic extremists have thrown acids on girls or beaten them in order to impede them from going to school; or the girl schools have been bombed.

On Thursday, Nov 10, 2011, a woman and her daughter were stoned to death by a group of armed men in Ghazni province. According to reports the incident happened in Khawaja Hakim area of Ghazni city, where the family lived. The area is not far away from governor's office, police chief's office and a Western-backed Provincial Reconstruction Team.

The reports suggest that they were brutally murdered – first, they were stoned and then shot, while the coldblooded neighbors remained unconcerned. Official have mentioned that recently the so called religious leaders in the city have been issuing 'Fatwas' urging people to report any one who might have been involved in adultery.

Ghazni has recently been overwhelmingly dominated by terrorists, and that dominance has been displayed in the shape of different tragic incidents. This particular incident in its nature is really brutal and most importantly unlawful. This shows that the law enforcement agencies have not been able to penetrate within the Afghan society completely and still there are rogue elements threatening the people even in their houses. Moreover, this particular incident points towards the biased patriarchal society that has been one of the most dominating qualities of Taliban regime.

Afghan women, in the recent few years, have been able to breathe a marginal emancipation and with the growing dominance of Taliban and the threat of the possible comeback of Taliban they seem to be suffocating. This suffocation may prove to be fatal for women, their personality and their status in society, unless measures are taken to curb the situation appropriately.

No doubt security situation is deteriorating throughout the country at the moment and insecurity is influencing all the factions of the society but women, being treated as weaker stratum, have to suffer the most of it.