Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Taliban Turned Eid to a Tragedy

Eid ul Adha was celebrated all over Afghanistan and throughout the Muslim world with full religious and cultural zeal. The message of such Islamic events is peace, reconciliation, brotherhood and elimination of hatred. Those are what Afghanistan needs the most as Afghans have been suffering the worst consequences of war and conflict in the last three decades. Eid al Adha and other Islamic events have great significance for Afghanistan as more than 99 percent of the country stands to be Muslims. Nonetheless, the Taliban leave no stone unturned to turn every event of happiness into a bloody one.

The credit goes to the Afghan security forces who work day and night in order to keep security of the life of the people. The general security measures were commendable during the Eid celebration. But the Taliban continued their activities and launched a number of attacks in different parts of the country. The most deadly attacks came about in Baghlan province of Afghanistan on the first and second day of Eid consecutively.

Over a dozen of people lost their lives while tens of others were injured. These attacks are, with no doubt, anti-Islamic, anti-Afghani culture and anti-humanity. Despite strict security, the insurgents continue killing innocent people and turn events such Eid into a tragedy. This signals that Taliban, who have been blowing the trumpets of Islamic Sharia, are indeed the enemies of the religion 'Islam.'

We are about a week before the Grand Jirga called by President Hamid Karzai to approve or reject the strategic deal between Afghanistan and the United Sates. Thousands of people including tribal leaders, parliamentarians, diplomats and high government officials from inside and outside Afghanistan are expected to participate in the Jirga.

But will not this Jirga face the same fate as the Jirga that was held last year to discuss and decide on peace reconciliation program with Taliban? Taliban put efforts to ruin every important event in Afghanistan. The last Jirga not only attacked by Taliban but also the decision made therein never took a practical shape. Who guarantees that the upcoming Jirga will be a successful one?

Taliban, who never leaves Islamic events such Eid to go smooth, will put efforts to make the upcoming Jirga a failed Jirga. They have already started propagating against the deal with and longer term presence of US in Afghanistan.