Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

How to Fight Intrusive Interests

Afghanistan has been attempting to convince the neighbors to change their postures towards this country and stop meddling in its internal affairs. Afghan government has been doing its best to elicit their sincere cooperation in fighting terrorism and militancy which have roots in the region and are regional phenomenon. Afghan government has been trying to persuade the neighbors that a stable and peaceful Afghanistan can serve regional interests and will be in the benefit of all countries that are parts of this region. Afghan government and politicians have been talking of cultural, religious and historical bonds between the country and its neighbors.

President Karzai has been calling the country and one of its neighbors as "conjoined twin brothers." Afghan government and people have been feeling indebted to the neighbors for hosting Afghan refugees over the last three decades of war, conflict and chaos in the country and they even morally think that it would be ingratitude of them if they begin to talk against the interests of these countries even if they are found and pursued in a destabilized and ruined Afghanistan.

On the other hand, Afghan government, people as well as international community know that Afghan conflict has regional factors and if those regional causes are not addressed, it will be difficult to secure and stabilize Afghanistan.

For instance, on Wednesday, November 02, 2011, President Hamid Karzai told the participants in Istanbul conference, "However, as recent setbacks have indicated, the peace process will not succeed unless we are able to get the top leadership of the Taliban, based in Pakistan, to join it." He also called for concerned regional efforts, saying," "Until we see a more concerted effort across the region to confront terrorism, peace in Afghanistan will remain elusive."

Despite all these attempts to get the neighboring countries to sincerely cooperate with Afghanistan, no practical step has been taken and shown by them in this regard.

Cross-border infiltration of terrorists and highly intrusive and irresponsible interferences even in our cultural issues continue to be seen. It is important to say that instead of further begging our so-called brotherly neighbors to do what a good neighborhood requires, it is time to explore other ways to fight those interests that are sought and pursued in an insecure and destabilized Afghanistan.