Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, December 17th, 2018

Transition Should Guarantee Security

As the International forces are in the process of withdrawal, the security situation in Afghanistan is getting worse with each passing day. Though some of the Afghan authorities seem confident that the ongoing transition period is a proper transfer of authorities to Afghans and they can shoulder the responsibilities appropriately, there are many others who doubt its outcomes. Different governors and lawmakers of certain provinces that have already been handed over to Afghan authorities or are going to be handed over have shown their concerns.

They have made clear indications that they would need more support as far as training of Afghan forces and availability of modern equipment are concerned. The lawmakers in Qandahar have mentioned that Qandahar should not be transitioned earlier as there are serious security threats in the area.

Recently, there have been certain incidents that have shown the security risks to the lives of the people. Especially, the Monday's (November 1, 2011) attack on compound housing UN and international aid groups' offices and the capability of the terrorists to fight with the security forces for hours showed that the area still has serious threats from Taliban.

Qandahar, in the perspective of the lawmakers of the area, may be included in the second list of transition that is going to be announced soon as there has been change in the strategy of International forces to carry on the transition period. U.S. Marine Gen. John Allen, the coalition's top commander in Afghanistan has mentioned that the transition would take place in five steps instead of six and the last step may occur as early as the fall of 2013 so that the international forces should be able to have longer time to assess the result of transition.

The lawmakers in Qandahar believe that Qandahar should not even be transited in the third step; rather it should be in the very last step. One of the parliamentarians in Qandahar, Khalid Pashthun has mentioned, "We have too many serious problems in Kandahar.

We believe that transition of security should happen, but considering the … situation in Kandahar and some other provinces in the south," and "We want the international community to keep its presence in Kandahar." Definitely, the security situation in Qandahar is getting serious but there are many other areas in the country as well, that are showing signs of deterioration in security.

Therefore, much consideration should be devoted to the efforts that security of the people should be maintained to a maximum limit before the so-called transition is over.