Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Time to be Shaken by the Erosion of War

Afghan media and press continue to report and write on terrorist attacks carried out by the Taliban or other insurgent groups that had to be defeated over the last ten years. Foreign troops and Afghan civilians were killed in Kabul two days ago. Yesterday, nine people died in an insurgent attack in Kandahar and similar stories are reported almost on a daily basis on Afghan television channels and print media. It is becoming extremely erosive and leading to a generation to grow or be raised in war and conflict.

In the meanwhile, a generation is being eroded by seemingly interminable and vicious cycle of deaths, destructions and disruptions. Weariness is visible in the eyes of every Afghan that continue to reel from a war situation. What is frustrating is the fact that the future course still remains bleak and problems have attacked this troubled country.

Will there be a way out? Pakistan continues to define its interests in a situation to be controlled by lunatic fringes that atrociously kill and destroy. Iran is defining and pursuing its interests in an isolated Afghanistan or an Afghanistan that is easy to be infiltrated.

They continue to immorally pursue their interests in instability in our country but when the time comes for us to make our decision on our partnership to come out of isolation and crisis they shameless order us to solve our problems and not rely on others.

There is no good neighborly and moral posture followed by these neighbors. The political disputes among political players and actors in the country are widening. There seems no consensus and the government is taking confusing decisions on how to deal with Taliban or their supporters outside our borders.

International community remains perplexed and does not know what to do to get out of this so-called graveyard of empires honorably. They cannot justify their stay in Afghanistan to their citizens and taxpayers as well. It is now high time for our politicians and political groups, the government and people to be shaken and join hands for a better