Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Poppy Cultivation is Forbidden in Islam

In a rare relevant Fatwa from our religious scholars, poppy cultivation has been declared un-Islamic and forbidden. Over 600 clerics after a three-day seminar about prevention of poppy cultivation issued a unanimous religious decree (Fatwa) saying that the cultivation of poppy, its trade and transportation was against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), therefore the people should stop it.

The Fatwa was read at the conclusion of the seminar in which all respected religious clerics from across the country participated. They discussed ways to prevent poppy cultivation and how to send the message to people that it is forbidden in Islam.

The decree said poppy cultivation leads a Muslim society to moral corruption and destruction of values. It added, "we, the religious scholars, call on the people of Afghanistan to stop the cultivation of the Sharia-prohibited crops."

This is a known fact to all the practicing Muslims that cultivation and trade of poppy or use of drugs is strictly forbidden in Islamic. The Holy Book Quran teaches human beings to avoid drugs that lead the society to moral corruption and decay. But the huge poppy cultivation in Afghanistan shows a different picture. Why in a Muslim society like ours, where the people take pride in Jihad, masses go against the Islamic teachings and orders of Allah?

According to a recent UN report, poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has increased significantly. The irony is that most of it are grown in Taliban controlled or areas of their influence, while Taliban apologists don't shy giving credit to the Islamic Emirate for ending poppy cultivation during their rule. But the fact is that poppy cultivation makes a big part of Taliban's financial support for the insurgency.

They earn $400 million a year through direct and indirect revenue from poppy cultivation, transportation and trade. It was a propaganda during the last years of Taliban rule that there was no poppy cultivation, aimed at gaining international recognition of their brutal regime. Actually in 1998, there was an infamous, but less discussed, Fatwa of Mullah Omar saying that after taking out all the religious taxes, Zakat, poppy cultivation is not sinful.

If only these holy warriors of Islam have any regard for the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad and orders of Allah in Quran, they must end the poppy cultivation in areas of their influence and stop encouraging people for cultivation.