Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

How to Ensure Peace and Unity in Afghanistan

Afghanistan as a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country needs to maintain peace and unity. Weak unity and continued conflicts in Afghanistan are the outcome of being divided across, ethnic tribes and various religious beliefs and geo-political lines. As a result, the nation’s unity is being woefully threatened by ethno-centricism, sentiments and religious fanaticism. Recently, religious radicalism has exploded in the different parts of the country, especially in the south, causing more harm and hatred among the overall Afghans.
Following are some tips on how we may maintain unity and peace in Afghanistan:
Loving each other
This is the heart of peace and can help us to ensure oneness in a multi-cultural nation like Afghanistan. Afghans of every race, gender, language and religion should love and respect each other as one big family. We must learn to love our fellow countrymen. If we’re challenged by a problem, we must round ourselves on a negotiating table and not to dwell in finger-pointing and wicked sentiments. If we love and admire ourselves as Afghans, peace and unity will forever thrive in our beloved homeland.
Putting aside Sentiments
Sentiment is one of the major issues that are threatening the cause of unity and harmony in Afghanistan. The wars of words, ethnic and linguistic hostilities have usually been used by Afghans all over the country. We must stop making sweeping generalization on other ethnic groups, and begin to standby our emotions toward each other, if we really aim peace and unity must reign in Afghanistan.
Strengthening the Sense of Friendship
This is very important not only in maintaining unity in our country, but in upholding peace and prosperity among Afghans. Afghan citizens must consider each other as one. Our parents at home and our teachers in school must teach the children about the importance of equality between all people. They must bring up the children in a way that they think they belong to one big family. 
Respecting other religions and beliefs
Religion is a good thing, but its practice. We shell treat it as an issue only between us and our God on whom we believe. Its practice should be within the confines of your mosques or worship places; our home and our family. We must learn to leave our religion at our homes and not try to carry it along and enforce it in our public square by force.
Developing and implementing programs aiming at Peace and Unity
Such programs shall be developed and implemented in order to reconstruct and reconcile the Afghan nation. They shall foster national unity amongst Afghan youths. As a result, to maintain peace and unity in Afghanistan, we must develop and utilize such schemes and keep them up and running.
Massive Literacy Initiatives
In order to maintain peace and unity in the country, we must take massive literacy initiatives. Afghan Government must step-in to enlighten the general public, especially the ignorant and illiterate population which forms more than 90 percent of the society about unity and peaceful co-existence among the citizenry, with the central theme of equality and social cohesion. This can be relayed through mass media so as to reach the massive population of the country, especially the rural areas of Afghanistan.
Afghanistan is a place where many outstanding world scholars like Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi have been born. Mawlana is regarded as one of the greatest spiritual masters and poetical intellects of the world who calls all human beings to tolerance and solidarity. This orientation enables us to reach a national consensus in peace talks. As Afghans, we must uphold Maulana’ dream of unity in diversity and stay strong, peaceful, and united despite the bitter challenges that are facing us today.