Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, October 19th, 2018

Tragic Incident in Parwan

The oil tanker explosion in Parwan has killed 12 people and injured dozens. The explosion was caused by a remote bomb on the road close to Bagram Air Base. After the first explosion, local people poured in to collect the oil from the tanker. When dozens of people gathered on the tanker, another blast shattered bodies around. It is not the first time such tragic incident has happened. In September 2009, 50 people were killed in Kunduz in a similar incident when people were collecting fuel from a tanker hijacked by insurgents.

Yesterday's incident reminds us that the bloodthirsty Taliban insurgents have no mercy on poor civilians. The blast was intended to kill common people, because it was a remote control blast. The first blast was minor and it destroyed the tanker. Dozens of people gathered to collect oil that the second blast rocked and shattered dead bodies around.

The people should not make rush in places targeted by insurgents. It has been an easy tactic for militants to kill as many innocent people as possible when throng of people get together after any blast or bomb explosion. In some cases, suicide bombers have targeted huge crowd through such tactic. We cannot blame the innocent poor people for collecting oil, but to blame the savagery of insurgents who slaughter vulnerable people without any guilt and shame. They call it Jihad. What kind of holy war is it, when it is fought against their own people?

However, the people always ignore to react against such brutalities of the insurgents. How long will they keep silence for the fear of Taliban intimidation? Though the people of Afghanistan are tired of war and violence, they should not expect the Taliban militants to let them live in peace and tranquility unless they are defeated with the strong will and reaction of the people.

Suicide attacks by terrorists always kill civilians but the phenomenon is that our masses, national media, Government and political circles rarely criticize Taliban for innocent civilian deaths.

They strongly criticize foreign troops for any unintended civilian death caused through any battle with Taliban. Suicide attacks killing innocent civilians never receive any inquiry order from President Karzai. We need to be honest while judging the catastrophe. Only over-criticizing foreign troops is unfair while keeping mum on the civilians being slaughtered by Taliban.

National media, particularly broadcasting outlets are needed to pay attention in this regard to discuss Taliban brutality targeting civilians.