Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, January 16th, 2019

Wish you all the Best Mr. Gaddafi

Colonel Gaddafi went away and handed over the destiny of around six million Libyans to foreign-backed rebellions whom he vowed to fight till his last breath. In his speeches frequently televised through state-run media channels, he was warning, with clinched-fist, foreign involved countries of regretting air strikes.

During recent years of his 42-years-long rule, through phony and symbolic political scenarios he was trying to put the garment of national acceptance on his government.

But the increasing spread of communication technologies that growingly have violated borders and passed through all solid walls revealed ground realities and proved his efforts more like making mockery of his administration. Because neither Libyans nor international community was that fool to deem his political measures as signs of fundamental change towards democratization.

Anyhow, from the very start of civil uprising in the country that soon tilted towards an armed struggle against him, he turned deaf ears to calls for change and branded armed oppositions as bastards having linkage with foreigners to oust his legitimate government.

He never accepted that his oppositions too were representing people tired of his indefinite rule. Perhaps, if he, before loosing grasp over the country, compromised with rebellions, he could maintain a family dominance within new political establishment.

But he did not. He was not the type of man to compromise and pay for strengthening of his rule. Without consideration, he sent the strong signal to rebellions of severe resistance till death and sealed all doors towards talk and negotiation.

Though he remained committed to what he vowed. He did not surrender as time went by and his grasp over the country started loosening. Even, when there was no hope to hit back rebellions, he did not lay down arms. When he was captured, he was armed but he did not shoot. There were reports he asked the first person who brought him out of irrigation channel that what he did to him and do not shoot him.

Ostensibly his appeals affected no one around who gathered to acquire the pride of murdering a dictator. It should be remembered by dictators that how the person who knew nothing except orders and command, was finally asking for help.

The pictures released on webs show him bleeding with injuries on his neck and head. Though such bloody image in normal circumstances causes sorrow and sadness, but all people showed around him in pictures are cheerful and celebrating his murder.