Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Discipline Leads to Organized Social Life

It can be easily observed in social life that the actions that are followed in a disciplined way are bound to be performed properly and without any hustle and bustle. Discipline has the potential to guide human practices and social undertakings towards the set target in a manner free of disturbances and difficulties.
The social beings that follow discipline have better social lives and have the ability to solve their issues in an easier way. Moreover, some of the living beings other than humans also follow discipline in their collective endeavors and in doing so they are able to make their survival easier. The examples of honey bees and ants, in this regard, are the most dominant one. Both of them show a great level of discipline in their collective lives and achieve their targets in the most ordered manner.
Discipline basically means performing an action in accordance to a prescribed set of rules and regulations. Rules and regulations are basically formed to bring harmony in social life. As human beings live with other humans in a society, therefore, they cannot do whatever they want. They have to keep in consideration that their actions do not harm others in any way. Moreover, they have to make sure that their rights are well protected and their responsibilities are well performed. So, there are rules and regulations within a society to make humans gain maximum from the fruits of social life.
In order to make sure that within a society discipline is maintained and the rules and regulations are properly inculcated within the society members, most of the societies of the world have developed strong systems. Through these systems, they make sure that the society members properly understand the prevailing rules and their importance. Moreover, through the systems, it is ascertained that the society members are encouraged to follow the rules and they are discouraged whenever they go astray.
In the civilized world, the civic sense is really very much mature. Through different institutions wherein the society members are nourished, they are made aware of their roles and responsibilities. It is not that the society members are perfect embodiments of civilized beings, but they to a large extent are obedient. The disturbances that are the result of the violation of the rules and regulations are also minimized by such systems.
The violation of rules and regulations may give rise to so many social evils – the evils like crimes. The, otherwise, normal course of social life is highly disturbed. Both the violators and sufferers of the violation of the rules and regulations, if left without proper attention, are likely to think of the crimes and corruption. There is basically an unbroken chain of evils that follow each other and at the end become too gigantic to be controlled easily. Therefore, they have to be controlled from the very beginning.
The undeveloped countries of the world do not have strong systems to ensure discipline. The inhabitants of the society are more concerned to other matters rather than discipline. Moreover, the institutions are not strong enough to ensure that the individuals are provided with civic sense. Afghanistan is one of the similar types of countries. There are major issues regarding discipline and can easily be observed in Afghan social life.
From a very minor issue to a major one, the ill-discipline can be observed within all types of people, without any discrimination. Even the most influential people in this regard do not show very responsible approach. Therefore, the instances of ill-discipline can be observed even in most of the important institutions of the country.
Apart from that just observe the daily life and you may find many examples of violation of rules and regulations. Just observe the traffic on the roads. The way the drivers drive the cars on the roads is in no way disciplined. There is no concurrence on and observance of the traffic rules. Even the traffic constables and their signs are neglected and the result to all such carelessness is a traffic jam.
Another clear violation of rules and regulations can easily be observed in different queues that have to wait in front of government offices or banks. Most of the people try, in some way or the other, to reach to the front of the row and get their work done instead of waiting in the line. On the other hand, the influential people – the people with wealth and status – do not have to get in any type of queue or line to get their works done. In fact, they are above all the rules and they do not have to follow any of them.
Such clear violation of rules and regulations has a very negative impact on the society as a whole and would never help the society move towards a civilized life. Afghan society, in the ongoing situation, needs to have discipline, harmony and peace so as to solve other major issues in the country. Therefore, its inhabitants, especially the influential and authoritative people have to display the same through their actions so that other people should be disciplined, as well.