Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The Most Threatening Economic Challenge

As Afghanistan stands in front of economic and political challenges, one of the most important challenges for it would be creating job opportunities for all the deserving people of the country. As economic infrastructure has not been developed, the country would require considerable time and support to reach to a point that may be considered satisfactory, and that may pave the way for the human resource to be utilized in the best possible manner. 
Unemployment is not only introducing frustration among the youngsters but also depriving the country from using its human capital particularly young population for the good of the country. On many occasions, the deserving youngsters of the country have staged demonstrations in desperation and hopelessness. Having required education and degrees, many youngsters should have jobs in their relevant profession, but they are compelled to saunter aimlessly.
Nevertheless, the voices of youngsters seem to be falling on deaf ears. The economic system has not been able to create opportunities that should be able to absorb talent from the educated youngsters. Since, the economic growth is very slow, mostly because of lack of new investments in the private sector, most of the youngsters have highly depended on the government jobs or the jobs offered by different national and international NGOs. However, such jobs have also been reducing since many national and international NGOs have stopped functioning, particularly, after the reduction of international troops in the country and decrease in the amount of aids received by the sector. The business opportunities for individuals, particularly, for the ones who have no capital are non-existent. Neither the system favors such opportunities, nor the government has any loan or support packages for them; therefore, they have not been able to take initiatives in this regard.
At the same time, youngsters also demand that the government must stop giving a large amount of US dollars to useless officials, advisors and MPs in monthly salaries and instead generate jobs for the youths.
It is really important to understand the frustration and the demands of the unemployed youth. Unemployment, if left unattended, would ultimately give rise to many other problems in the country. Currently, one of the basic reasons for the growing insecurity and rising rate of drug addiction is unemployment.
The capable youth who find no job opportunities join the ranks of the terrorists readily. The terrorists are ready to pay them and their families handsome amount for different evil tasks. Since, there are many parts of the country that have turned into markets for terrorists and terrorism, unemployed youth could be the most suitable commodity for them.
Moreover, frustration that may result from the lack of employment is another issue that the youngsters have to deal with. Because of family pressure and the psychological problems that arise from idleness, youngsters fail to keep integrity in their personalities and become the victims of social isolation and drug abuse. The rising rate of drug addiction throughout the country is a clear example. Many youngsters, having lost every hope and optimism in their lives, can be found lost in the filth of addicting drugs along the drains and on the garbage at different places. Can such youngster play a positive role for the future of the country?
Moreover, there are many youngsters who have lost all the hopes from the country and have fled to other countries for better future. Though some of them have reached to their intended destination, there are many who have not been successful in doing so. Some of them even lost their lives on the way; while there are many who are still on the way with their fates undecided.  
President Ashraf Ghani, on the other hand, have promised many times to create jobs for the citizens. He has also announced that a number of programs will be launched to create employment for the citizens. Nevertheless, tangible measures in this regard seem non-existent. Promises have remained promises alone, while the capable and young human resource is being wasted or used for negative purposes, bring losses and backwardness for the country. 
Afghanistan’s economic system can only be strengthened when the capable and skilled individuals participate in strengthening the economic system. Especially the youngsters who get qualified from universities must be given opportunities to present and use their education and skills in the profession of their choice and interest. Young blood equipped with determination and patriotism can definitely play a significant role; all they need is equitable treatment from the prevailing system. The government must start taking practical measures before it is too late. Unless the promises are converted into practical steps it is very difficult to expect any change in the ongoing situation.
Moreover, equal job opportunities must be created for girls and women as well as they form an integral part of Afghan populace and can play a tremendous role in improving Afghan economic system.