Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Better Societies Have Better Values

A society is recognized by its values and standards. Better societies have better standards in every facet of life; nonetheless, it is arguable what better standards really mean. The standards that are humane, based on the well-being and development of the society as a whole and that are as per challenges raised by the socio-political circumstances are mostly thought to be better than the ones that do not uphold them or negate them. On the other hand, relevance to the context does not always stand for perfect and positive standards. For instance, in contemporary modern world, modernity is one of the agreeable standards but it cannot be concluded to be positive.
Setting universal standards for the societies of the world is always a difficult task as cultures and social settings differ and even contradict. However, the main point is to comprehend that the standards that depict the actual position of human beings; their positive role and behavior – the one that is sensitive to the well-being of others, care and kindness for the fellow beings, true encouragement for science, arts, creativity and innovation are basically the ones that must be fortified and protected.
Today’s human beings are led astray. They have become materialistic excessively and saunter aimlessly in their spiritual life. They are unable to realize the true purpose of their existence and are turned into beings that they are not by the conditioning of systems and circumstances. They are caught at a position where they are the cause of their own infamy and annihilation. They urge for love, affluence, pleasure and material comfort and they are prepared to pay any price for it. This urge has given rise to a man who flawlessly fits in today’s materialistic societies but may not be successful in achieving the requirements of being a true human.
A cursory look at the standards in our society are necessary at this instance. Our society is well-known and easily recognized because of its egotism and bigheadedness. Inequitableness and discrimination are the commonly acceptable behavioral trends. If a person brings another person anguish for his own benefit or if a person betrays another person, it does not seem to be weird as it is normal exercise within our society. Since the socio-political settings and the objective conditions have paved the way for such types of actions and thinking, imagining something different would be ridiculous. As the rule of the race is to thrust others back so as to win the race in any way; therefore, victory kisses the feet of those who are follow this rule in its exact form.
Considering today’s society, it can be claimed that a person who is not cunning and self-seeking is principally unwise. Alternatively, the crafty evils cannot be censured, too. As a matter of fact, in our society, when a person does an evil act, he is not all the time guilty for it.
On the other hand, the kindness and service to others are not responded in the way they should be. The people are so much accustomed to wrongdoing and cunning behavior that even if they receive sincerity and kindness, they are able to respond it properly. They may even think that they are being flattered and therefore their response is mostly a discouraging one.
In this society, if a killer is not a relative to the prey, it is really odd. Attachment, adoration, belief, uprightness and devoutness are the values that are only important to few of the people; else, these are only words which the people of our society use so as to conceal the crimes of their conscience and the evils of their intents. We are mainly bounded by lies and false exhibition and if we are able to defend our truth, it would be a great accomplishment. Nevertheless, the company and ownership of truth is truly wearisome. It involves bearing seclusion and accepting the responsibility of being dissimilar. Yet, it is not something to be discouraged about. A human can be disenchanted from another human but should not be disenchanted from humanity, because human beings live for a definite period of time but humanity has always lived and will live persistently.
The significant point is to deliberate why the kind of society, wherein a person has to lead another person by going over his cadaver, should not change. Why should not we modify the system wherein human beings do not need the sustenance and collaboration of others for the improvement of society in its entirety, but need for their selfish benefits? There is something utterly wrong with the society that does not have love and brotherhood as its standards but inspires the people to have negative rivalry so as to own as much material coziness as possible. The society we reside in is in desperate need of true humanity, true affection and true warmth.