Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Harsh Treatment of Detainees Should not be Astonishing

It is quite amazing that the government of Afghanistan on one hand releases hundred of Taliban prisoners under different schemes and on the other treats the others in its jails violently.

The Afghan National Police (ANP) already defamed for its inefficiency, low capacity, involvement in corruption, low literacy rate, addiction to drugs and sexual abuse now holds another accusation on its head. According to a report released recently by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), ANP and internal security services of Afghanistan use torture and other abusive methods to extract confessions from suspected insurgents held in a number of detention centers around the country.

The report has been prepared after interviewing hundreds of detainees over a year in the prisons of all over Afghanistan. But, according to many, the international community should not anticipate services equivalent to international standards from a force that has experience of only about tens and lacks adequate professionalism in all regards including treatment with the detainees and methods of investigation.

ANP has long way to become a competent and professional force. Being a soldier is not an easy job in a terrorism hit state like Afghanistan. Therefore, within their capacity and equipment the Afghan police have, they are undertaking their duties well, although not adequate. ANP must be treating the prisoners in a harsh manner but it is not their fault.

Since the establishment of Afghan police force, it has not gotten what it had to. The mismanagement practiced spending the donors' funds by top level management in Afghan government should be blamed. The policies that are practiced by government itself are full of flaws and have negative impacts on all national organization including the Police and Army of Afghanistan.

According to the UNAMA report, interviews over the past year with 379 detainees at 47 facilities found "a compelling pattern and practice of systematic torture and ill-treatment" at a number of centers. It said, "46 per cent of the detainees it spoke with in the centers recounted some sort of torture or abuse

." Not to forget, the Afghan police, army and intelligence capture culprits having on mind to launch terror attacks in various parts of the country almost on daily basis. Some are caught red-handed. Harsh treatment to such prisoners by Afghan police should not be astonishing to anyone.

Such detainees held since 2001 or so in the prisons like that of Gitmo and other detention centers of the US, undertake more severe treatments and there are adequate evidences in the form of pictures and videos available to the world. To common people who are the victims of vicious terrorism, those being arrested because of their involvement in crimes such as terrorism should be punished as hard as possible.

The reports of the UNAMA has been released at times, when in August this year, President Hamid Karzai released a dozen of would be suicide bombers. They were given monetary rewards, appreciation and scholarship in foreign countries.

Although Hamid Karzia deemed it a vital measure to attract Taliban towards peace reconciliation program, the release of the would be suicide bombers was accompanied by serious objections from various circles in the country. According to experts, Hamid Karzai's step was nothing more than appreciating insurgents and other people would also be motivated towards becoming involved in acts of terrorism.

It is quite amazing that the government of Afghanistan on one hand releases hundreds of Taliban prisoners under different schemes and on the other treats the others in its jails violently. It signals the weakness of the whole system and only the police are not at fault.