Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Don’t Go Mad

In the last ten years, the United States has used Pakistan as a main transit point for logistics and supplies to its troops in Afghanistan. For that purpose, Pakistan used to be an appropriate option. But not anymore, the US is thinking to replace Pakistan by Uzbekistan. That is not because the vehicles carrying NATO supplies and logistics have been targeted over and over again on the Pakistani soil.

If that would be the reason, the deal with Pakistan could have been cancelled long time ago. The US-Pak ties have turned bitter especially in 2011. A year that saw Osama bin Laden's killing on Pakistani land and attacks on US base in Maidan Wardak and US Embassy in Kabul by Haqqani network which is, according to US authorities, closely linked to Pakistan's intelligence organization, the ISI.

Such facts about Pakistan have compelled the US government to ponder reducing its dependence on this country and switch to Central Asian States like Uzbekistan, although such steps could further worsen the situation in the region and Afghanistan's north could become more insecure.

The US commanders in Afghanistan are of the view that a significant number of terror attacks taking place in Afghanistan are engineered in the tribal areas of Pakistan. They are unable to do anything to stop such plans, as it is on the other side of the border and out of their control.

According to the US military, cross-border attacks increased 500 percent in the past year, from about 60 to over 300. About such attacks, General John Alan, Commander of NATO in Afghanistan, has been quoted recently by ABC News as saying, "It makes me mad every day but, look, I got to deal with what I can deal with, and I deal with it as it comes to the border."

Pakistan maintains that its military is operating against the militants but it is quite amazing that terrorists planning in their safe havens to conduct attacks in Afghanistan go unnoticed by Pakistan. There is something wrong and US knows it.

Therefore, it is better not get mad but find a way out. One of the ways could be what General Alan has warned about. He has said, "There is much worse than a bad relationship with Pakistan, which is no relationship with Pakistan,"