Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

How to Learn Offering Services and Security from China?

If a state seeks to open wider to the outside world and build a strong economy through state-to-state and people-to-people exchanges, that will be China. There is a strong sense of hope in the public air in China since all individual and collective efforts are geared to alleviating poverty, promoting economy and building a moderately prosperous society.
All cities and provinces are strongly linked to one another through railways, highways, ports and airports and now China seeks to have similar linkage with the rest of the world. Modern technology, high-tech enterprises and e-commerce have brought the Chinese from all corner of the country very close as they do not feel the long distance. The high-speed trains, bullet trains and electric cars made the routes extremely short from one city to the next. Online shopping and e-payment through WeChat from miles away leave no distance between sellers and buyers. Shopping is done within seconds and no need to bother yourself with carrying physical money.
Perhaps you will ask me about shoplifting or street crime. With all those surveillance cameras and alarms installed in stores and markets, shoplifting is impossible. Likewise, those surveillance cameras have reduced street crimes to a great extent and changed China into one of the safest countries in the world. There is no need to employ a large number of police on the street to prevent from crime, you are simply under the surveillance of cameras in the street, subway, buses, etc.
Your mobile is your totem and the key to all your challenges here. If you need an address, a taxi, bike, a movie ticket, a rail or flight ticket, hotel, food, etc. click one of the options in your mobile WeChat. In cases such as buying a ticket or ordering food to your room/home, you need not consume a long time or pass a long distance, just order through your mobile.
Only few days back, I had a visit to Beijing-based Megvii Technology Co., Ltd. One of its product is Face++ which was launched in 2012 and offers services in detection, recognition, identity verification and analysis. Facial recognition is applied in various areas such as car rental, shopping, financial services and online-to-offline services.
This company also offers high-quality surveillance cameras for detecting criminal issues. According to Olivia Geng, in charge of international branding, more than 5000 criminal cases were resolved last year through the surveillance cameras, which recognize faces, pedestrians, vehicles and IDs. In case of noticing a suspect, cameras will give alarm.
Thanks to modern technology for offering good services and tight security in China as well as the rest of the world. In modern time, speed is a principle in business and it is gained only through modern technology. For example, customers are willing to gain the goods and their necessities as soon as possible and the sellers and businesspersons also want their money in short time. The fast purchases and trades will be done only by modern technology. In this case, China has developed to a great extent.
Security is one of the issues which can be ensured through modern technology the same as China does. If cities are equipped with surveillance cameras, criminals will be detected even before committing crime. In such a case, a city or a country will be safe and no one would dare commit crime. However, it should be noted that besides the surveillance cameras, there is a strong need for honest officials and police officers. If officials or police officers be involved in corruption or have hand with criminals, than capturing criminals will be really hard.
If we view the insecurity in Afghanistan, corruption is one of the main reasons behind it. For example, in some criminal cases in Afghanistan, the records are deleted, some security machines in government offices and customs are vandalized. Currently, even there is no clear record for the 10 percent tax detected from the citizens’ mobile credit cards.
If Afghan officials seek to prevent crime as well as bring security, they have to install surveillance cameras in cities, mainly big cities such as Kabul, and utilize modern technology. These cameras, if handled properly, are believed to reduce crime and terrorist attacks to a great extent.
There is no doubt that China can be a role model for all developing and under developed countries in many cases, mainly facilities, services and security issues. To offer services and security to the public, Afghanistan will have to follow China in utilizing technologies and handling security as much as possible. Moreover, officials are supposed to practice honesty and campaign against not only poverty but also corruption to build a moderately prosperous society, as China is seeking for such a society.