Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

A Terrific Job of Thought-Provoking Nature

Last week, a group of six people who were said to be on the verge of launching an attempt at the life of President Hamid Karzai were arrested by security officials. Five of them were said to be University professors and students. Some critics have raised doubts about the authenticity of this issue and have called it as a strategy of diversion by the president who has come under immense pressure by the critics for his unproductive efforts to reconcile with Taliban and for taking an appeasement approach to the insurgent groups by calling them as the unhappy brothers.

However, this incident could be thought-provoking. Were they hoodwinked and blindfolded by the extremists and hard-line militants into carrying out assassination attack on the president of the country? Were they affiliated with some dubious circles inside the government to do this high profile job?

Does it mean that the trust network is broken? Or does it show that the situation of Afghan universities is terrible and professors and students instead of producing thoughts to guide the society and country towards prosperity and development accept to blow themselves up to kill the president? The best news is that the assassination plot aimed at president Karzai was foiled but the story does not end here.

Afghan people may have saluted the security officials for doing this terrific job to save the life of their president and they may have raised and held their hands high in supplication to pray to God for the president's long life.

These are all the good wills from the people we can think of but the questions about this apparently happy news continue to persist. Officials from National Directorate of Security (NDS) have said that those arrested were affiliated with circles in Al-Qaeda and Haqqani networks.

It is unfortunate to come to know that some of our university professors and students have connection with terrorist networks and get involved in planning sabotages and destructive activities against the country.

It shows that there are still high potentials for fundamentalist thoughts in the universities and this could be catastrophic at least for the foreseeable future if professors and students do not turn to more critical thoughts and thinking. In the meanwhile, the government must check the infiltration points so that the militants do not seep into the universities and other important institutions of the country.