Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Confession by Karzai, Appreciable

All knows that the Afghan government has failed in many key areas, especially in improving security conditions. It was disappointingly concerning for Afghans that the Karzai administration until recently used to cover its failures by passing promising messages to the nation. But now, Karzai himself admits that his government and its international allies have failed to secure life of Afghans.

This confession by the Afghan president is appreciable as previously our government's claims have always been in contrast to the ground realities in Afghanistan.

On the completion of first decade of counter-terrorism war in Afghanistan, Karzai, in an interview to BBC said, 'We have done terribly badly in providing security to the Afghan people and this is the greatest shortcoming of our government and of our international partners.

What we should do is provide better and a more predictable environment of security to the Afghan citizens and in that the international community and the Afghan government definitely have failed.' Karzai has emphasized on more cooperation from neighbors of Afghanistan, especially the government of Pakistan in bringing peace to Afghanistan.

It is quite unfortunate that despite sacrifices of foreign, national soldiers and thousands of civilians and investment of billions dollars, the terrorism in Afghanistan has become manifold in the past decade rather than decreasing. The year 2011 is going extremely deadly. Life of every person living in Afghanistan is at the mercy of Taliban and even Karzai himself does not feel secure.

Now, that President Karzai has admitted severe shortcomings in its government, some quick, bold and meaningful steps that are in the best national interests of Afghanistan should be taken.

The time is running out for Afghanistan to stabilize itself. The international military and much of the civil support from the international community are going to end by 2014.

With the ending Western support, Afghanistan is expected to strengthen its ties with neighboring and regional countries for a long lasting stability. Entering into a strategic deal with India was first major step in this regard.