Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, June 17th, 2019

Xi’s ‘shared future’: The Light of Hope in the Darkest Moment

There is no doubt the world is facing different challenges in our date. Some of these challenges are such critical and threatening that put at risk all the world. Thus, we are facing some big problems including climate change, large scale conflict, terrorism, inequality, poverty, religious conflicts, and etc. In such a context, the idea of “a shared future” put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping,
The idea of “community with a shared future for mankind” encompasses diversity, mutual respect of cultural and social differences, and multilateralism. Ensuring such an idea would lead to eliminating poverty, food and water security, and reducing conflict and violence through economic empowerment and respect for the cultural differences of others. Therefore, on building a community with a shared future for mankind provides our world with a unique opportunity to develop a new vision and mobilize different countries to solve various conflicts with an emphasis on an integrated fate for the mankind in the future. Based on this idea China is determined to establish a new and different mechanism of cooperation with the rest of the world. Based on this mechanism no one would be loser but everyone would benefit of it.
China is a great neighbor of Afghanistan, and it can play an outstanding and positive role in different areas in our country including peace building, economic development, promoting good governance and cultural development. 
The initiative of the Belt and Road proposed by Xi aiming to realize common development along and beyond the ancient Silk Road trade routes provides a unique opportunity for Afghanistan to become once more a transit hub between the east and west. Of course, there are many countries in the world that are skeptical of Xi’s idea, but China has successfully demonstrated that it is determined to establish a different mechanism of cooperation with the rest of the world in order to create a common future with all countries and in such a context all countries either would be the winner or loser of the interactions they have with each other.
It is a sad fact that the root cause of current conflict, war and terror in the world is that people are disempowered economically and their identity is marginalized. And pursuing narrow self-interest by some powerful countries is the reason for global political volatility. According to the Xi’s idea, investment in infrastructure and connectivity that can empower people locally, coupled with respect for their cultural integrity, will reduce a vast amount of conflict and terror across the world and especially in the region.
For Afghanistan the idea of a “community with a shared future for mankind” that has been taken from China’s own experience in rising from poverty to economic strength is of a strategic importance; it is a break through idea that as China’s experience show without infrastructure, transport, communications, electricity, water and healthcare, people’s lives will not improve. At the same time, if a country have a burning passion to overcome such barriers and can form a shared vision among its citizens it can overcome the mentioned challenges. 
The idea of “a Shared future” provides Chinese wisdom for major challenges of the world concerning the future and destiny of humanity. This concept has been provided in a time that the world is facing devastating challenges that threaten mankind in different parts of the world. And the root cause of all of these challenges is lack of a shared vision among the countries of the world and especially among the big powers. As a result, in many cases, each country and power seeks its own narrow self interest in the expense of the other countries. Such approach has driven many countries including the powerful ones to continuous conflicts. Now, in such a dark moment of conflicts across the world, the idea of “ a shared future” looks like a miracle, a new hope for the mankind to find genuine approaches to ensure its interests in a way that has no harm to the interest of others.