Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

The Prospective of Bilateral Relationship

The bilateral relation between Kabul and Islamad has not come back on smooth track after the assassination of Former President and Chief of High Peace Council, Mr. Burhanuddin Rabbani, that Kabul officials blamed Pakistan for. The situation has become far complicated as the accusations continue with harsh tone. Indeed, the entire project of peace process is largely overshadowed by the assassination of Mr. Burhanuddin Rabbani. His murder actually brought into light something that without the incident would have remained shadowy and obscure.

That was nothing but consistent futile effort and practices in order to send friendly signals to Taliban-led militants, without considering the consequences as well as Taliban's corresponding reactions.

Numbers of Taliban prisoners were released and a lot of diplomatic efforts made to take Taliban leaders' name from United Nations black list. These efforts made amidst increasing number of suicide bombings. Taliban militants never tried to hold an initiative to provide Afghan government a justifiable reason to continue its activities for the sake of their leaders.

Needless to say, loosening of pressure and effort bring their leaders out of blacklist, correspondingly Taliban responded with bullets and increasing suicide bombings. In addition, the Kabul government was leading the process in such hasty, turning deaf ears to internal and external criticisms.

No sounds were heard and no one really stood strongly against as still there was nothing known about the process results. It was maintained the time was needed to see what occurred next.

But right after the assassination, there was a sudden brake to the process as well as revealed the futility of past six month efforts of High Peace Council.

In addition, the incident angered Kabul officials, particularly, president Karzia. It has also led to angry burst-up tilted towards Karzia's administration as it, with severe oppositions, persisted on the process.

Presently, on one hand, Mr. Rabbani's common followers and political disciples put pressure on Karzia to bring about fundamental changes and, on the other, the revelations of challenges faced by High Peace Council, showing no progress in peace process, double the pressure.

Thus, Kabul amidst pressures and flooding angers forced to redirect them towards Pakistan. As Mr. President said that he should hold talk with Pakistan instead of Taliban militants. However, it is not known when the situation comes back to normality, but of course both countries have no choice except cooperation on dealing with a common enemy.