Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, July 11th, 2020

Afghan Women Fear Re-Talibanization

According to the recent findings of the two leading British aid agencies – Oxfam and Action Aid – women's rights in Afghanistan are under threat. Women in Afghanistan fear that the return of Taliban may lead to the deterioration of the improving position of women. They have been through much discrimination and have the right to feel uncomfortable if their rights are sacrificed in order to attract the Taliban towards a political reconciliation.

Definitely, it seems very much possible that if Taliban get a share in the political setup, they will urge for fundamentalist sort of Islamic rules and regulations in order to deal with the women in the country, who have reached to a relatively better position after the progress made in the country in post-Taliban era.

The study depicts that 72% of the 1,000 Afghan women who were surveyed believe that their lives have improved since the downfall of Taliban, which shows the heightening status of women. But, it is unfortunate to note that 37% of the same women feared that their condition would not remain the same after the withdrawal of international forces and political compromises with Taliban.

This fear is the outcome of the experiences women had during the reign of Taliban. They were not only deprived of their basic rights, but also the victim of violence and different types of atrocities.

Though the position of women has been heightened in the recent years, the average number of women who are benefiting from the favorable circumstances is still below satisfactory. There are thousand of women who live in the remote areas where they suffer from the lack of basic facilities of life and under strict tribal norms and values, while the improvement can be observed in some of the major cities.

The basic problem lies in the strict tribal and extremist religious concepts that have their roots in the backward Afghan society, and improving them can really take a long time, but if the progress in this regard is sacrificed for so called political reconciliation the situation will worsen instead of improving and the country would be pushed back to past.

Women are indeed an integral part of society; making their participation sure in social and political life to further extend can really help the society in getting rid of so many social problems. Further, the government and the humanitarian organizations should also make sure that development in this regard is made evenly in different parts of society and women are not made the victim of Talibanization, once again.