Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

To Become a People to Deserve Better Life

Afghanistan has had an unstable history, full of ups and downs. It is still making a weird history. More than forty countries are actively involved in Afghanistan to build it into a stable and prosperous country and this has continued for ten years but the future still remains ambiguous depending on whether that goal is achieved or not also depending on whether those who have left and continue to leave a history of violence, massacres and mass destructions are defeated or not.

Afghanistan is supposed to be a singled unified nation but a common national identity, which is pre-requisite to a nation to be called a nation, is yet to be consolidated. The nation-building includes building a common national identity but the efforts at this objective are yet to produce clear and vivid impacts.

In this conception, citizenship is linked with nationality and a civic nation, based on common identity and loyalty to a set of political ideas and institutions is developed. But unfortunately in Afghanistan it is not the citizenship that is the reference point for the people.

Other attachments have taken the stead of that common identity and it continues to impact the social and political lives in one way or the other. One of the main factors that could contribute nation-building is social consciousness.

It is a consciousness shared within a society. It is of different levels and one is called collaborative social consciousness, in which greater awareness of ourselves in relation to the social world is gained, which may, in turn, lead us to participate in co-creating solutions with others.

Here we begin to shape the social environment through collaborative actions. But in Afghanistan the participation in co-creating solutions with others is not seen. Here one may participate in co-creating problems with others but we often expect others to solve our problems.

Since the country is prone to interferences by the neighboring countries problems created are of diverse nature intended to ignore the common identity and national interests and serve those who do the interferences.

Today, there are too many voices talking about Afghan problems or talk about independence of the country but they do so just based on the interests of others- one is seen to be missing is Afghanistan's own interests.

It is high time for Afghans to change their loyalty from others' interests to their own country's interests. If the current is not changed, we will never become a people who deserve better and peaceful life and a prosperous society and country.