Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, August 24th, 2019

The Role of Youth in Ensuring the Political Security of the Nation

United Nations Organization has loosely defined the youth as any person (mixed gender) whose age falls within 18 – 40 years. The youth represents the vibrant and most productive age, thus they are referred to as the backbone of any development, and therefore if thegovernment fails to ensure their potentials are realized, the failure of development initiatives in the country will be inevitable. Human resources especially when balanced with economic resources are considered the most reliable agent to development and youth being the most essential segment of human beings as pointed out above, shall be be treated with great care and concern in this context.
On the other side, to understand political security is to understand the concept of politics itself as well as security. As a result, Moa Tsetung defines politics as war without bloodshed. This means peaceful struggling to achieve political goals without violence or bloodshed in a given environment. Max Waver assumes, politics as who get what, when, where and how. This means that, politics is a process of attaining set goals in the society-these goals could either be political power, it could as well be economic or social goals. Other authorities viewed politics as the authoritative allocation of values. This suggests that, politics has to do with the use of power to allocate values in the society. These include security of lives and properties, laws and policies for the benefit of humanity as a whole. It is not possible unless we change our superstitious perceptions.
Central to the above three definitions is that, politics is a process through which human beings interacts to attain or achieve set goals which might be power or authority, economic interest, or any positive policy, program, agenda geared toward improving the life of the people in the society at large.
In Afghanistan, we are quite familiar with conflicts which is an integral part of human society but noted violent conflict as avoidable. Afghan has fought a destructive civil war from 1992-2001; and even now the conflict is going on in the country.
As preparations for 2018 Wolsi Jirga, and District Councils elections are on top gear, youth in the nation have been taken for granted and perhaps misinterpreted, as they are easily provoked and misused against the political rivals.
The youth are considered as leaders of tomorrow, but not without preparations and putting realistic youth empowerment policies in place. Drug abuse, crime and most importantly the unemployment, threaten this leader of tomorrow and the agent of development of the country. As it is evident that the older the person the more difficult it would be to change his behavior, it is a social law. It is therefore very timely for the youth to come together and identify what they should do to better their tomorrow and that of generations yet unborn. Ant it is the duty of the government to mobilize all its resources to address the needs of the youth and translate their potential capabilities into practice.
Afghanistan is set to hold WlsiJirgsa, and District Councils election in 2018. Considering the tough security challenges the country faces, taking security measures accounts for the guaranteeing a relatively transparent elections in Afghanistan. On the other side, considering the presence of different terrorist groups in the country and also the power and influence of the illegal armed groups, it is likely the youth will be misused to vote for them or even to be misused against their rival candidates in a violent manner. These conditions call the government for putting specific measures and arrangement to ensure the security and also ensure the youth will not be misused by any elements.