Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

Need for Well-Informed and Strategic Decisions

Over the last few years, President Hamid Karzai has been trying to introduce two different terms in his political literature with regard to Taliban and other insurgent groups operating in the country and supported by outside elements. Initially, he was using "bad Taliban" and "good Taliban" to inculcate the idea and feeling that the good Taliban have legitimate reasons to fight his government and international community, blow things up, kill school teachers and children, torch schools and destroy the roads built with aid money.

The president, then, began to use "upset brothers" to describe Taliban in an effort to appease and convince them to denounce violence and join the peace process that has remained extremely flawed. Unfortunately, Afghan government has been following short-sighted policies.

Even president Karzai tended to alienate those who have mobilized millions of votes for him and supported him and his government and the democratic system over the last ten years. The president even has been trying to ignore elected and legal institutions and instead work through traditional bodies, such as holding of traditional Loya Jirga, to pursue his efforts for making peace with Taliban and other insurgent groups.

It is clear-cut that traditional bodies are more in sync with Taliban's line of thinking and way of managing and addressing issues. But all these attempts appear to have failed and led to loss of more opportunities and emboldening of the enemies that understand only violence and terror.

As a result of appeasement approach by Afghan government, Taliban have had the chance and pretext to target some key figures through a serial killing. The last one killed by Taliban was, professor Rabbani, the head of High Peace Council, which is responsible for leading the efforts of reconciling with the good Taliban or unhappy brothers as in president karzai's terms.

But president Karzai's security advisor has newly said that the government is changing the approach to the reconciliation. Rangin Dadfar Spanta has said that instead of Taliban, the government should talk with Pakistan.

He has said that the government will not continue the abortive and unproductive reconciliation with unauthorized individuals. It should be mentioned that it means that unfortunately the government's decisions are not well-informed and strategic.

Long before, Afghan people and civil society were saying that Taliban are driven by a violent ideology and there are no good Taliban and bad Taliban. Taliban are supported by elements outside the country that do not want a stabilized Afghanistan.

But unfortunately the president and government would not listen. Recently, international community is putting more pressure on outside supporters of the Taliban and Afghan government can use this opportunity to convince them that it is not in the interest of regional peace to use terrorists against one another.