Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Competent & Professional ANA & ANP – A Time Need

In the post-Taliban Afghanistan, the Afghan National Army (ANP) has appeared as the most creditable institution. Being a soldier in a country like Afghanistan where death follows you like a shadow, is not any easy job. The ANA is a source of great hope for the people of Afghanistan in regards of securing their lives. Over the last ten years, the Afghan soldiers have given every sacrifice required to perform their responsibilities towards saving the life of people against the brutality and violence practice by the enemies of peace, prosperity and democracy in Afghanistan – the Taliban.

Despite the severe hindrances lying in the way of ANA, it is moving towards becoming a competent and professional force. That is indeed a time requirement of Afghanistan.

The international troops operating in Afghanistan under NATO are scheduled to leave this country by 2014 and security responsibilities have already started falling in the hands of Afghan army and police. To defend Afghanistan on their own, Afghan security forces would definitely need more training and equipments.

The US has boosted up the process of making the ANA and Afghan National Police (ANP) more competent as it is withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan.

On Monday, Lt. Gen. William B. Caldwell, commander of NATO's training mission in Afghanistan said Eight hundred more U.S. military trainers would be sent to Afghanistan by March to help with logistics, maintenance, medical care and other areas in which the Afghan army is short on skills.

Caldwell said training in these areas was needed to enable Afghan army units to be better prepared to operate without U.S. support by 2014, when American combat troops are scheduled to leave.

It seems like the US is committed to strengthen the ANA and ANP so that they can move towards becoming self reliant.

The incoming military trainers would definitely aid in boosting up the capacity of the Afghan forces.

A strong, competent and professional army is an asset required for long term stability in Afghanistan.

The Afghan forces have a long way to reach international standards, no doubt but they are committed to defend Afghanistan at the cost of sacrifices of their lives.