Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Do At Least What You Can!

Today, Afghanistan has a weighty support from the international community. This is the best ever opportunity for this worn-torn country to pave its path and strengthen its foundations for development, although we have wasted many chances. The cooperation from international community will not remain as it is. Sooner or later it is has to diminish.

The need of time for Afghanistan is formulation of better national and foreign policies and decision making in the best interest of Afghans. In addition, there is a need for an overall institutional reform aimed at improving transparency and accountability. All and all, it is our government that must plan to make uses of the opportunities available to it by learning from its past mistakes and mistakes of the ex-governments of Afghanistan.

It is quite a national tragedy for us and the countries involved in Afghanistan that in spite of the efforts of about a decade, terrorism has only increased. The lives of the people of Afghanistan are at the mercy of militants. Insurgents continue their attacks in the forms of suicide/roadside bombings, targeted killings, abductions, direct clashes, etc.

To counter terror of the terrorists, there is failure after failure by the security keeping forces while Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, U.S and other governments never stop blaming each other. The blame game really needs to be stopped and some straight forward decisions are required to be taken. Putting the security problem aside, what are our government's achievements in removing other critical hindrance to development of Afghanistan?

If terrorism in Afghanistan is a regional and/or global issue and difficult for Afghan government to control, corruption, social injustice, poppy cultivation, poverty, flawed politics and many other are all our own national issues.

For development in every sector, the government of Afghanistan has received huge amounts of funds from the international community but unfortunately has failed to bring about any significant progress in any field and has wasted many golden chances in the last ten years. It is not yet very late. The Karzai administration does possess the capability to change Afghanistan towards better at least in the above mentioned areas. Do at least what you can do.