Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Parliament Quorum Would be Completed

Quarrels have not come into an end. Parliamentarians are still sharply divided over decision of Independent Election Commission, (IEC), unseated nine of the total 62 MP's rejected by Special Tribunal on overwhelming fraud basis. However, Independent Election Commission after the announcement of primary and final result of the parliamentary election, vividly rejected any change in the combination of parliament; but ultimately re-interfered and, perhaps, on the face to mediate between President Hamid Karzia and seating MP's.

But seemingly a veiled mediation of Fazl Ahmad manavi, the chief of Election Commission between two branches of government also could not resolve the problem. Seemingly, he approved the finding of especial tribunal and said that rigging occurred in 33 out of 34 provinces of the country.

On the other hand, Parliamentarians stood harsh against any change as they are arguing that President Karzia actually tries to use the issue of fraud as medium to pressurize MP's and continue his illegal activities. In reaction, they formed a Law-supporting Coalition to resist and protest against any change in the current combination of Parliament. They swore that they would not tolerate even replacement of a MP's at any cost.

Seemingly, the compromising act of Fazl Manavi actually was sharp that ripped through coalition. Initially, large numbers of MP's were severely supporting the Law-supporting coalition, but through course of time, some of them now want to take a mild approach towards independent Election Commission and accept nine fresh MP's who took oath few weeks ago.

By the course of time, the coalition will be further weakened as President Karzia will not retreat and unseat recently-sworn MP's, and some will find their standing destructive to stability of the country. It should be noticed due to lack of quorum in Parliament, no session of Wolsi Jirga were successful since August 27.

Some MP's on Monday, Sept. 26, hoped that there would be quorum problem within coming days. To complete the quorum, there should be 183 MP's in Parliament from total 249. If MP's hope for the completion of quorum, it signals a separation of previous members from Law-supporting coalition.

If it comes true, then probably the futile controversy between two important branches of government can come to an end, which is for the benefit of people rather than sticking to differences and avenging each other on issues, which have least benefit to nation. It is hoped that all Afghan officials come to notice one thing that their controversy only fuels instability rather then strengthening democracy and law.