Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Real Environment of Frustration and Fear

acrossThere is an environment of frustration and fear in the capital and across the country. This is because Afghan people feel that things are not going in the direction they want. After ten years of international presence in Afghanistan, the signs of frustration are seen almost on the face of every Afghan you come.

A decade of opportunity appears to have been squandered and no bright windows seem to be wide open to look through for a better and prosperous future for a country that has gone through three decades of war, deaths and destructions. Afghan people find themselves in the nightmare of suicide attacks, roadside bombings and other terrorist acts.

In some cases, their dreams die with themselves in bomb explosions that could happen anywhere the terrorists want to target with least attention to the life of civilians and innocent people that could fall victims.

Afghan children growingly get deprived of their fathers' presence at the dinner table because terrorists and insurgents carry out almost daily attacks to do mass destruction, disruption and mass killing to achieve their terrorist goals and to serve their foreign bosses.

Afghan people are not able to fully exercise their right to freedom of movement because of the fear of Taliban who could kill them just because of their support for the government or a democratic system that can serve the interests of all human subjects living in this troubled land.

Afghan people's frustration even increases when they see foreign forces who came into their country to help them achieve security and peace get killed in roadside bombings or when they see Afghan security forces who are supposed to defend the country's territorial integrity, protect its sovereignty and maintain law and order get killed just as defenselessly as the ordinary Afghans do.

They remember that their president has been shedding tears out of the frustration that he is not able to protect Afghan children against the violence used by the Taliban that have no mercy on anyone.

They know that their president is without any clear vision and policy on how to convince his disgruntled brothers to denounce violence and come to live in an open and tolerant society that can accommodate the beliefs, opinions and interests of everyone.

They know that the neighbors continue to trouble Afghanistan but refuse to accept the responsibility. They know that international forces are not effective to reverse the situation and have begun to leave the country. So this is the real setting of frustration and fear!