Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 18th, 2019

Don’t Forget His Dreams

Almost a weak went by of the brutal incident of assassination of High Peace Council Chariman and leader of Jamiat-e-Islami, Mr Burhanuddin Rabbani, his followers are still bursting in tears and protesting his loss. It was quite clear that Taliban-led militants are the prime guilty, but they acted quite differently on the issue in order to fuel communal controversies in the country.

Checking up the profile of previous targeted and selective killings, all bear a similarity: Taliban always claimed responsibility with hast and pride to show that their establishment was still strong enough to carry attacks at will.

But they did not do it in the case of Mr. Burhanuddin Rabbani, as expected. However it is obvious that they carried out the attack, avoided claiming responsibility, which paved the way for leaking and circulation of baseless assumptions among common people, who consistently fall prey to political rowdies.

Setting a glimpse to process of demonstration held during and after Mr. Rabbani's funeral, it can be figured out how people have been deprived of the true story behind the incident. Protestors, during the funeral procession were chanting anti-government, anti-US, and Anti-Pakistan slogans, assumed to be behind his assassination.

The former chief of national intelligence openly voiced his anger and suspicion of Karzia's administration, saying that they wouldn't allow any government officials to bury their martyrs. Such sensitive addresses have made the issue even further complicated and common people ostensibly, somehow, find the assassinations suspicious.

Indubitably, the loss of Chairman of High Peace Council (HPC) was highly regrettable and Afghan government lost one of great figures who had the potential to muster support for Karzia's administration because of his embedded influence as well as the ability to lead the process into a convenient record.

Now his murder, unfortunately, on one hand, affects national building program negatively, as politicians try to fuel further people's sentiments to muster them behind their political ambitions, and, on other hand, impose a serious drawback to entire peace process notion though President Karzia already announced his solid intention to go for it.

No doubt, Mr. Burhanuddin Rabbani held deep influence among common people. His cooperation with administration actually deemed a script for its legitimacy. But the case differs with his high-profile followers, who nowadays more than ever questions the legitimacy of the government as well as chanting slogans which are too detrimental to effort for the so-called national reconciliation.

Therefore, it is expected, from whosoever claims his position among people, to act on the basis of his dream and efforts for a strong national government, instead of exploiting sentiments of mourners and sincere followers to create political mayhem, which in the current situation will prove tragic.