Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

The Notion of New Silk Route

Here, a notion is hold true by Afghan civilians as well as officials alike that Afghanistan is accurately in strategically important location, which has always created a trouble for the country. Emperors of East and West several times tried to capture the country and strengthen the pillars of their government, but definitely all failed which has become now the source of national pride. Afghans view their country as land of the unconquerable. The notion is widely accepted by many across the world, as some nick named it as "graveyard of emperors".

But there has been always a problem. Many have got interests and tried to occupy the country by whatever means, like communal diversity, racial complexion and lingual differences, which all definitely turned the country into a "graveyard of emperors and the hell of Afghans".

Meanwhile, it should be noticed that the situation was not this terrible always. No doubt, Afghanistan has the pride being a cradle of civilization, once upon a time. It is the land of birthplace of great people who still exert dominance in global academic institutions, like Omar Khayam, Maullana Jalaludddin Balkhi and etc.

In addition, it is located right on the Silk Route, which was connecting south and central Asia to Middle East and through that to the Western Hemisphere.

Presently, as railway transportation is increasingly acquiring global attention, Afghan civilians and officials desiring the country finds once again its importance in economic as well as political spheres. Afghanistan can again be an economic Route for transportation by trains, connecting central Asia to South and Middle East countries.

Acquiring the status can prove too profitable and, certainly scales down instability through creation of employment for thousands of Afghans. Foreign Minister, Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, on Thursday, Sept. 22, said that Afghan government was working to regain its historic role as a land bride, connecting South and Central Asia with the Middle East.

He added that Afghan government was pursuing the vision to revive the idea of New Silk Road which held the promise of achieving an economically vibrant regional order, spanning across borders and continents.

If Afghan government increases its capacity to ensure the security of railway, it will be a great economic project that instantly would help refurbishing its empty budget boxes. On other hand, it will create jobs for unemployed Afghans, which is recognized as the main factor for political stability. But can it really realize the dream of the citizens? The prospective is completely inconvenient.