Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Rudimentary Requirements Must Reach Everyone

Human beings depend highly on the environment where they live. Both the physical and socio-economic circumstances provide them the opportunity to fulfill their different sorts of requirements. Among these requirements the needs to live alive are the most basic one; they include food, shelter and certain other opportunities. It is only after fulfillment of these basic requirements that human beings are able to divert their attentions towards other objectives and goals. In fact, they would not be able to give proper meaning to their lives and will not realize themselves unless they have their rudimentary requirements properly met.
It is also very important to note that there are enough resources around the world that can fulfill most of the requirements of most of the people in the world. However, there are millions of people in the world who do not have the basic requirements. They suffer from extreme poverty and dearth of resources. Many of them die because of the same reason. This unfortunate fact leads us to think that though human beings consider themselves as the wisest of the creatures, they are not able to prove the same through their actions. They have designed modern states and systems, yet they are not able to provide their own kind even the basic requirements of life, which is really unfortunate. Only some of the people have access to most of the resources of the world while most of the people suffer from poverty.
There are some thinkers who even suggest that human beings are bound to be so. Or, they consider it a necessary outcome of the evolutionary process, which they believe is based on the survival of the fittest. The ones who have acquired limitless resources just for their self-centered motives are thought to be fittest and thus the rightful winner of the competition that is prevailing in the natural world. However, they fail to understand that the distribution of the wealth and resources is basically the result of unjust economic and political systems that are designed by human beings themselves not by nature.
The nature does not discriminate between rich and poor. The fragrant breeze in the nature blows for everyone without the distinction of race, community, poor and rich. The river that flows in nature provides everyone with same bewitching scene and cold water to drink. The fountains do not recognize the strata and the economic status. And even the natural calamities; like earthquakes, floods and deadly hurricanes destroys everyone equally. However, some may have developed better defense against all these calamities by the dint of their wealth, which is because of the economic system in society developed by human beings themselves, not the nature.
It is the socio-economic and political systems in the country that split the human beings in different classes. These classes are demarcated with bold and clear boundaries. The dissimilarities found in these classes are enormous and one gets astonished to see how human beings are really satisfied with so much distinctions. The examples are not difficult to find. There are millions of poor people in the world. They have not enough food to eat, no water to drink and no cloth to wear. The economic system developed by human beings, with the intentions to fulfill their requirements, has in fact cheated them and they are at a stage of misery. The class-based system and the vivid class disparities have neutralized the capacity of human beings to fulfill their basic requirements from the unlimited resources.
The same can be observed in our own country, as well. The ruling class, that includes the political and religious leaders, the business tycoons, the warlords and the chieftains, has accumulated most of the wealth and resources while most of the poor people suffer from misery and deprivation. This ruling class is not interested in any other thing except pursuing its own selfish goals. That is the reason that poverty, unemployment, terrorism and insecurity are haunting our nation to a large extent and they are getting worse with each passing day.  
Our socio-economic system has a dominant imbalance and this imbalance has further created different sorts of evils in society. There are crimes and injustices because of the same system. Poor, because of negligence and lack of basic requirements are bound to break the law and the rich, because of their authority to mock the law and order system, break it. Poor, to quench the thirst of their children and fill their stomach with few morsels of food, break the law; while the rich, to quench their thirst for luxury and adventure, break it. This system cannot guarantee sustainability and prosperity. There is a crying need for drastic changes. The imbalance has to be diminished if it is not completely eradicated. True justice should be followed and the resources and wealth should be used for the poor as they deserve it, not the rich who already enjoy all the facilities and luxuries of life.