Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Monday, May 20th, 2019

Uprooting the Real Issues

A cursory look at our society will depict the fact that it has given only a few people the opportunity to take advantage of all the facilities of life and live in light, and it has pushed others in the darkness; such society, without a tinge of doubt, can be considered as an infected society. And, unfortunately, this infection has infected none other than the residents of the society. Instead of continuing their blame games, the members of the society must understand how serious the infection is and how seriously it has debilitated their health and role in the society. And the ones, who claim to change the situation and have the ideas of amendments for this infectious society, seem to face failure; and if they continue with the similar attitude and similar approach, they are bound to face failures. As long as the society remains indifferent to the infection and keeps on neglecting it, it would keep on remaining the victim and the disease would never be cured. It has to start hating the wound and the society as a whole must repel it, if it really wants to get rid of it.
It is highly important to understand that it is impossible to stop the flow of water by flowing with it. It is necessary to create a hurdle in its way so that it is stopped or at least make directions towards the desired destinations so that water may flow to the same directions. It is not possible to stop the fire by puff; the more a person blows a puff, the more the fire becomes belligerent. In the similar fashion if a person wants to go to the other side of the river by swimming through it, he needs to swim through the flow of water, not with the flow; otherwise he may never rich to the other side. Those who try to stop the water by flowing with it and stop the fire with puff, they are really insane and they seem to have no logical understanding of the situation.
As a matter of fact, we have forgotten the real issues and we are so lazy that we do not want to the reach to the roots of the issues that we are facing; that’s why we are not able to solve our issues. We keep on cutting the leaves, while never touch the branches, the trunk and most importantly the root, and we expect that the leaves would not grow again, which is really weird.
We believe that changing few things here and there may solve our real issues, but that is not the case. In fact, the measures that we take to change few things are all based on the wrong diagnosis. The medicine that we have suggested for the infection in our society is not suitable for it at all because the diagnosis is not appropriate. Unless, we have proper diagnosis, how can we suggest the proper medicines? It is really impossible that the medicine for fever must cure tuberculosis.
There are many in our society, among our so-called leaders, the most intelligent among our government authorities and intellectuals who claim that they are paying service to their countrymen, and they believe that they have the treatment of all sorts of our social diseases and infections. They keep on insisting that they the society has the same disease that they have cure for; they do not let us know that it is possible as well that our disease is of the type they do not have any awareness about. Nonetheless, now we have to decide that how long these sorts of insane and illogical approaches and practices would continue? How long would we keep on suffering from the, otherwise, curable infections?  
Now is the time that we adopt a somewhat logical and reasonable approach. We require understanding that we have to change the society as a whole if we are really interested in curing its disease. We need to rebuild and strengthen its immune system so that it is able to resist against the infections successfully. We have to make it believe that it can live without an infection and that it has a choice to do so. We need to make it appear beautiful and clean and let its susceptibility to diseases shrink. We need to fill its stomach with the hard-earned and easily digestible food, and make its veins filled with the blood full of energy and life. We need to strengthen its bone with the vitamins of determination and iron will. We need to make its mind clear and able to think logically and rationally. We need to make its legs and hands supportive enough so that it will be able to stand on its own and do things independently.

There is no more room for mistakes, laziness and ignorance. The time would never wait for us and the history is never lenient to the ones who are not prepared and who waste their time in repeating their errors. We need to re-diagnose the infections of our society and need to suggest medicine as per the proper diagnosis.