Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Emphasizing Responsibilities on 98th Independence Day

During the past few days, people in Afghanistan celebrated their 98th Independence Day, in different parts of country. There were different kinds of festivities and both the government officials and the common people expressed their joy and happiness in different ways. For Afghans the occasions of merriment and celebration are very sporadic, as the country is going through serious insecurity; therefore, these instances should be utilized in the best way possible. Nevertheless, during the celebrations and expression of affection for the country, both people and the leaders should have in their minds that they have responsibilities towards the country as well and taking advantage of the day they should reiterate their commitments towards their responsibilities and promise that they will accomplish them in every possible way.   
It can be detected in our society that our people tend to evade the negative consequences both consciously and unconsciously. We like to hold to the positive impressions of an action but tend to circumvent the disapproving outcomes and even put throw it on others’ shoulders. However, the question that demands an answer from us is that if someone enjoys the outcomes as a result of the actions, why not to face the adverse consequences on top? While we cry for our rights and relish while receiving them, why don’t we realize that we need to perform some very important responsibilities as well.
If a businessman appreciates the profit in favorable days as return and in bad days he faces the loss and feels himself responsible for all the decisions that have led the company to loss, then what on earth has happened to our nation, particularly the politicians that they do not accept their mistakes, and often blunders? Why has this society been ruined in terms of responsibility? Every single man in the hierarchy of the society blames the other person and frees himself? Why on earth is the top hierarchy of the country not accountable to law? Why is it that the poor and the weaker are expected to be more responsible than the rich and the authoritative people? Can the poor perform better than the rich in contributing for the society and supporting the people in coming out of troubles and problems? The poor, themselves, are caught in the quagmire of troubles, how can they be more responsible to the society?
The politicians, on the other hand, are keeping themselves aloof of all the responsibilities. They are, in fact, practicing the blame game to score points because the political culture demands so.
Rectifying the mistakes is a resolving step but arrives when someone admits the mistakes. The blame game turns to no point and there is no any win-win situation, we only have loss-loss situation in the game theory of the blame games. It is a debate of egos and the egos never surrender. Blame games, political conspiracies and personal self-interest achievements have resulted to a huge damage to the country’s economic and political development.
It can be experienced in our society that the children are not nourished with a sense of true responsibility. As they grow up, they do not seem to realize what their responsibilities are towards their fellow human beings and towards their society. Mostly, they are taught to fulfill certain responsibilities which are limited to their individual lives. They do not seem to realize how they fit within a society and what their responsibilities are as responsible citizens.
Another observation is that mostly people expect the society to fulfill their rights, but they themselves do not want to be held responsible towards others. Every individual thinks others are responsible to take care of their rights but does not realize that thinking in such a way will divide the whole society in alienated individuals whose goals are to pursue their own motives. They seem to fear responsibility and that is one of the worst things to do as a social being.
It is important to remember that rights bring responsibility, and the responsibility makes you accountable and accountability sees no blame. Passing the buck would never solve the problem. The responsibility would keep on being transferred to others and would never reach to the stage of realization. The great nations of world have, as a matter of fact, realized this golden principle that they themselves have the responsibility of building their nations and solving their issues. And, that’s why they can be easily differentiated as more prosperous and developed nations of the world.
Certainly, all the members of the society must perform their responsibilities but the leaders of the nation must be the trend setters. They need to set examples for others by performing their responsibilities without any sort of negligence. The governments that realize their responsibilities and do not fall short of providing the people their rights are mostly appreciated and at the same time supported by their people. People, finding the governments and leaders, responsible citizens tend to do the same and thus lend a hand for the development of the country.