Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Opening Societies or Islamic Awakening

After the Arab Spring that brought about huge political, social and economic changes in the Arab world and continues to shape a new prospect for new generations of Arab countries, there are efforts made to call it an "Islamic Awakening." In general, it was suppression and social deprivations that caused the Arab youths across the region to rise against their autocratic rulers and dictators.

The aim of those who lead the Arab revolutions is to take their destiny in their hands and live in open societies with meaningful interactions with the outside world. Arab countries were one of the incubators of Islamic fundamentalists and extremist militants.

Many of Al-Qaeda operatives coming into the tribal regions between Afghanistan and Pakistan and into Afghanistan to carry out suicide attacks and terrorist operations come from some of the Arab countries.

They are influenced by extremist version of interpretation of Islamic teachings and are in total opposition with the West and other civilizations. But the new generations of Arab world would not accept any role for Al-Qaeda or Osama line of thinking and Islamic system of thought.

They would continue to get free from religious bigotry and fanaticism and violence that prefer ideology over human life. So what is seen in the Arab world is to revisit and review the wide range of historical interpretations and understandings of Islamic holy texts and reinterpret and readapt them to the needs and exigencies of modern world, which is in sync with the true and genuine evolutionary nature of Islam.

But unfortunately those who try to call the Arab Spring as an Islamic awakening themselves deny basic freedom and human rights for their citizens and use any source/tools they have at their disposal to suppress them.

They have a totalitarian ideology that drives them to control all aspects of the citizens in accordance with the whims of power oligarchy. Unfortunately, there is not any dominant model of governance and political system in Islamic countries to follow except for the Turkey and a couple of other countries in Southeast Asia.

They could be inspiring models for the Arab world to follow to determine their destiny and control their life. Those who call Arab Spring as an awakening oppose these models. So it should be mentioned that Arab people have decided to open their societies and breathe in the way they want and this decision has nothing to do with the vague concept of Islamic awakening.