Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Extremism and Barbarism are Reciprocal

Everyone seems to agree on the severity of the crisis that threatens the peaceful, civilized and modernized world. Even in the best scenario humanitarian analysts estimate that extremism and terrorism are reciprocal and have shoddily tempered all the norms and values of human society and have spotted an appalling stigma on the credit and significance of mankind. Till now millions of the people have been massacred by terrorism and extremism around the world.
In fact, there have been many sacrifices to bring transparent changes in the world, and there have been efforts to assist the deprived people to modernize and bring tranquility and prosperity among themselves but there are many people who hesitate to accept these realities because their minds are limited to the confinement of fanaticism and religious torture cells where our thousands of young people have been sordidly pushed in the deep valley of illiteracy, ignorance and viciousness. They are bound to be limited to their wells and they do not have the capacity to think anything out of it.
The tyrant and inhumane extremists suppress the people with the sectarian sentiments and tribal customs and religious traditions; they mistreat the devotion and belief of the people. Every day we come to know that plenty of innocent and impartial masses have been assassinated, the honor of the holy places have been ruined with suicide attacks, capricious strike on the processions have been made, and unfortunately holy Quran has been used in our own country to plant a bomb. So, this is the real face of extremism, barbarism, and of course terrorism. These elements do not have any faith, religion and loyalty but they have their particular goals and ambitions and even do not hesitate to translate the religion for their inhuman wicked desires.
Today the extremists due to their aggressive attitude have foxed the attention of everybody towards them; most of them are merely responsible for every kind of corruption and devastation. Especially the Islamic countries have been castigated for such violence and atrocities. The Islamic militants have been named terrorists; why? Pretty much easy to answer, because they are involved in the genocide of uncountable people in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is quite sure that extremism is the root cause of terrorism and in all the countries mentioned above the people have been showing extremism and nothing else. They have been dodged in the name of religion and they do not use their minds to understand what they are taught. All they do is following blindly the teachings and taking the worst possible actions.   

There are some so-called clergies who want to disguise the fact by claiming that extremism may lead the humanity towards the spiritual glory, but they intentionally regard the spirits of humanity while concealing their notorious characteristics, which they are applying in many parts of the planet earth. We must know their medieval practices and frustrated religious and tribal system with their obsolete and ill-intended teachings that are nothing except molesting the human beings. Carlton D. Pearson believes, “Anytime that knowledge and a version of the truth are considered to be absolute, fundamentalism is the result, whether the arena is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other religious faith, as well as atheism, conservative or liberal political views, even evolution or intelligent design. Anytime our minds are closed and there is no room for dissent, we are on a slippery slope towards stagnation.” 
Today we can easily find out the miseries and unsafe conditions which are undoubtedly the ultimate repercussions of extremism. Today the reputation and honor of our religion, and civilization is extremely in immense danger due to extremism. And the approach that is developed in the minds of the most of the people is really a matter of concern; so it is immensely important to protest against this ignorance, which has caused us rigid and poignant attitude. We are caught in the worst kind of quagmire of extremism and we do not find any way of getting out of it. The more we try to get out of it, the more we are sinking in it. We really need to know that the way we are making efforts is wrong and we need to do something else in order to get out of it. We really need to understand this clear fact that extremism has rewarded us the humiliating gift of terrorism, which is of course unacceptable for every sensible, literate and human-loving person.  David Cecil’s observation can properly conclude our discussion; “It is often said that mankind needs a faith if the world is to be improved. In fact, unless the faith is vigilantly and regularly checked by a sense of man's fallibility, it is likely to make the world worse. From Torquemada to Robespierre and Hitler the men who have made mankind suffer the most have been inspired to do so by a strong faith; so strong that it led them to think their crimes were acts of virtue necessary to help them achieve their aim, which was to build some sort of an ideal kingdom on earth.”