Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Not to Keep the Potential for Political Instability

Over the last one year Afghan people have been bearing the brunt of increased Taliban insurgency and political impasse in Kabul. The Taliban militants and other insurgent groups mounted their terrorist attacks in the spring when they announced their spring offensive. The political crisis or impasse began almost eight months ago after president Karzai established the Special Electoral Tribunal, causing strain and excessive tension among the three branches of power in the country.

This problem has had heavy cost for Afghan people in terms of economic activities. In the meanwhile, dispute among the executive, legislature and judiciary over the past months brought about distraction in the three branches' priorities to be addressed.

The executive had to take more practical steps to root out the rampant corruption that has alienated Afghanistan's allies and supporters. Unfortunately, the government instead diverted the time, energy and resources towards wrestling with parliament and election management bodies.

The judiciary had to work hard to reform itself to gain public trust in itself to replace the informal justice where the Taliban and other insurgent outfits can exert influence and authority or even their decisions. But unfortunately the judiciary was exploited by the executive and president for an unfounded dispute.

The legislature had to decide for Afghan people how to and on the basis of which norms run their life; and for the government how to rule and serve the people. But unfortunately it remained engrossed in defending itself and protecting the electoral process in the country.

These issues brought about a terrible situation for almost last one year, impacting economic activities and daily life of Afghan people. Apparently, the problem has been solved after the IEC's decision to bring 9 new candidates to the Wolesi Jirga.

This decision was unfortunately a disabled child of other wrong and illegal decisions taken by the president and government. But the continuation of this political crisis is not in the interest of Afghan people and there should be a quick and definite end to it.

The continuation of protests, with legitimate and illegitimate causes and reasons, or the continuation of this potential for political instability will plunge the country into further security and economic crises that could benefit only the armed militants that serve their foreign bosses by not allowing the strengthening of this democratic system and preventing institutionalization of democracy in our beloved country.