Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Rabbani: Taliban Creates Disaster

It is more than one and half decades since Taliban have been displaying their violent and disastrous nature. The phenomenon of Taliban in Afghan politics has been linked with massacres, destruction of cultural heritage and denial of basic human rights for those who could be different from them in terms of thinking and lifestyle.

Taliban have been creating and causing tragedies for Afghan people for the last 17 years and continue to do so. They have no flexibility when it comes to causing pains and sufferings for Afghan people. The videos of their atrocities on internet are abhorrent and repugnant.

They receive orders from outside the country and are driven by destructive ideologies that have no bearing on conspicuous religion of Islam and its pure teachings that are supposed to guide humankind through the whirlpools of life towards ultimate salvation.

The Taliban militants that claim to be defending the country and Islam have dealt the greatest harm to the country and Islam.
Establishing links with other global terrorist networks, the Taliban militants now can easily find weapons and appalling tactics to kill, destroy and burn wherever they go and operate.

Over the last years, Afghan government has taken a lax approach towards this phenomenon, trying to bring them back to the fold but unfortunately there has been no sign of willingness on the part of these hard-line militants to come to the negotiation table. To achieve this end, the government has established the High Peace Council to run the reconciliation effort.

The council is headed by Burhanuddin Rabbni, a Jihadi leader, who fought against the Taliban before September 11, 2001. In his latest statement on Tuesday, September 06, 2011, talking to a youth gathering, Mr. Rabbani called Taliban movement disastrous, saying that "the movement by the name of Taliban creates tragedy and disaster, recruit children and claim to be religious students." Earlier he had apprised of contacts with Taliban leaders and Hekmatyar.

He also had said that the Taliban have changed but his new critical statement is against his previous statements. It could mean that he is also frustrated with the Taliban's rejection of peace.

A day before, the US ambassador to Kabul also advised the international community to stay in Afghanistan, saying, "With the Taliban will come al Qaeda, and we will have the same situation that we had pre-9/11, and that to me is an utterly unacceptable outcome. That is a risk of our national security that I think no sane person would willingly take."