Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

The Blow to Income Resources of Afghan People

Afghanistan is hit by terrorism, warlordism, crimes and drugs. The government's lax approach to Taliban insurgents and terrorists has provided pretext for them to operate freely to do mass killing, mass destruction and mass disruption. When the Taliban militants carry out suicide attacks or roadside bombing, it often leads to mass casualties, mass destruction and disruption of public life and reconstruction efforts.

By continuing lethal suicide attacks and kidnapping of foreigners and Afghans, the Taliban and other insurgents, over the last ten years, have been able to create an environment of violence, insecurity and fear, preventing economic development in the country.

Their terrorist activities have also led to cessations and stoppage of many construction and reconstruction projects across the country. Moreover, the environment of fear created by Taliban and other insurgents has dealt a huge effect on the tourism industry in the country.

On Monday, September 05, 2011, officials said that two German nationals were found dead in central province of Parwan. Gen. Rajab, head of the Salang Pass Tunnel Maintenance Department, has said that the bodies were found by locals near the mountains of the Gararai Qaichi area of Salang district.

They disappeared in the area last month. It is said that the two German nationals were hikers who had gone to the area to climb the Salang Mountains. These incidents seriously harm the tourism industries in the country and consequently prevent economic growth.

Last Thursday, insurgents attacked a police vehicle in Bamyan province, killing three police personnel and one civilian. Bamyan has been one of the most peaceful and secure provinces of the country over the last one decade.

It is home to many highly fascinating tourism sites but unfortunately the insecurity of the ways and the recent infiltration of insurgents into some parts of the province are creating problems for the tourists. It is to be mentioned that this comes a day after Taliban claimed that they released four Turkish engineers to respect the Eid occasion.

It should also be mentioned that due to the weaknesses of the government and lack of rule of law, there are other criminals as well who create security problems and kidnapping and business people. If this situation is not reversed, it will have huge impact on the economy of the country.