Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Friday, January 18th, 2019

Using Science in Health Sector

Today human beings are relishing the ambrosial taste of the modern scientific, technology and scientific applications. Science and technologies are the part of all we have today, and include the electronic gadgetry in almost every home that we use to remain informed and entertained. These all evidences show the blessings of scientific knowledge on humans. 

Before eighteenth century human beings were plunged in the depths of ignorance and unawareness of scientific knowledge. As they did not have adequate scientific knowledge, earlier human beings had disguised their ignorance under their personalities but it was the scientific revolution in nineteenth century that exposed it and now they can see that the whole world is globalized due to this scientific revolution. Science has affected human life and culture in many ways and among them its impacts on health are the most dominant one.

Before the revolutionary changes in early nineteenth century, health problems and a large number of fatal diseases gulped the whole community, like diseases and epidemics. There was no cure for the most common diseases so epidemic always proved as 'Pandora's Box' to the whole locality. At that moment the present world population in last couple of centuries through the whole comparison with the past, we would come to know that these diseases could not affect many lives. As the most descriptive condition of humans, health is very important factor for us. Without health we cannot survive or by having a bad health we cannot reach the average human life span. After the scientific revolution, the scientific applications have led to the treatment of numerous fatal diseases and health problems and now we are able to increase the average life span as well. Now we can treat those fatal epidemics that ruined the every human life some centuries ago. By implementing many scientific techniques and methods we are now able to overcome these diseases. For example, in past we were not able to suggest cure for Tuberculosis, but now we can easily cure this disease. There are a lot of examples like that of Tuberculosis, which emphasize the facts about the impacts of science on health and fitness. 

The most common implications in the field of medicine and health are the sophisticated contribution of pharmacy and modern way of treatment. In the field of the pharmacy, we are now able to manufacture many curative medicines that have helped mankind to survive from these fatal diseases. Besides that, we are able to manufacture and invent many useful electronic equipment that help doctors to analyze or treat many diseases. The most common examples of these electronic applications are X-ray plants, Ultrasound, ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), Kidney Transplantation equipment and many others. 

On reviewing the scientific blessings we can say that without these equipment medical technology had no past and similarly cannot have a future. So it concludes that scientific knowledge led mankind to learn medical terminology and curative methods as well as enabled them to invent these electronic equipment. 

Truth, morality, and beauty. It has been humanity's persistent hope that these three ideals should be consistent with each other. Yet successful activities in science and arts diverge greatly, and believe that the three activities can be pursued initially without regard to each other, or without reconciling the possible conflicts that may arise. Science has affected the most on the social behavior of many other impacts that affect it. Before the revolutionary emergence of scientific knowledge, our ancestors were commonly illiterate and they were victims of different kind of misconceptions like superstitions, whims and magical tricks. These were the most effective aspects that acted as obstacles in the way of development of our ancestors and made them unable to think and realize by their own. These different kind of superstitions resulted due to lack of knowledge and their beliefs and theories about the emergence of life, universe, earth, sun and many more explanations about the things they had no clue. 

When the sense of knowledge and reasoning developed in them they came to realize that they were wrong in their beliefs and there was no reality in the superstitions. It also helped them to provoke them to learn more and invent new things. That was only due to the scientific knowledge that they got rid of these misconceptions and were enabled to invent, discover, and to acquire better knowledge. The whole world is tied up in a single knot by this scientific development and a sense of competition is produced among all nations. These effects also changed their racial behaviors and they adopted the senses of respect and manners for each other. In fact, scientific knowledge acted as key to open the gates of better health improvements and sophisticated behavior. So we should realized that scientific knowledge enabled us to realize the reality of life and make better use of it to save millions of people who are suffering from different kinds of diseases.

For Afghanistan, scientific knowledge can prove to be a panacea for most of our medical problems. There are many in Afghanistan who are suffering from different sorts of diseases that can only be cured through modern science and technology and its availability for the people. Therefore, efforts should be made to facilitate the people through science and technology as much as possible.