Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, October 21st, 2018

Joblessness Fuels Terrorism

Afghanistan is going through a crucial juncture of its history wherein in needs to be resilient enough to survive and then start its journey towards a prosperous future. However, doing so would require the country to be serious about some of the major problems that it is facing. Among them economic instability is the most dominant one. It is the failure of economic system what would ultimately invite other issues and may make the country suffer unbearable loss. On the other hand, if the country is able to strengthen its economic system, it can guarantee a better future and a dignified survival. Definitely, the support from the other countries would not last forever and ultimately Afghanistan would depend on its own economic system to support it. Therefore, it is wiser to take some important steps towards making economic improvements and reforms so that the country is able to stand on its own.

Within an economic system, human resource plays a key role. And, the best economic system is the one that is able to make use of this resource. A developing and improving economic system would always provide job opportunities to the people so that both can benefit from each other. If the economic system generates job opportunities for the people, the people, in return, can support the economic system to achieve its objectives. Moreover, both can participate in the overall development of the nation. On the other hand, if the economic system is stagnant and highly dependent on support from other countries, like that of Afghanistan, it cannot provide job opportunities to its people and, therefore, its people would be jobless and they would not participate in any sort of positive and productive activities; rather they would be pushed towards social evils; which should be a matter of great concern for the government authorities. 

The government needs to understand that joblessness is one of the most serious issues in the society. It turns the valuable human resource into idle beings. Qualified people having nothing serious to do are compelled to think otherwise and find ways of making both ends meet through the means which may not be legal or mainstream. They are thus pushed towards crimes, corruption, and in case of Afghanistan terrorism. In fact, in Afghanistan one of the main reasons of terrorism is joblessness.

Though most of the countries in the world today face the issue of joblessness, the underdeveloped and the developing countries suffer from this menace to a large extent. As, the basic infrastructures in such countries are not developed and they lag behind in the process of industrialization, they are not able to create ample financial and developmental opportunities; therefore, new jobs are not created, which generates challenges for the authorities to compensate the ever-increasing population. The number of the capable people who have required qualifications and can work increases but the society and systems cannot compensate for them appropriately and, therefore, they become a part of the detestable unemployment.

It is not only because of the lag in the industrial revolution but joblessness has also to do with lack of determined and honest efforts to create job opportunities for the people. The agricultural societies, though may not be on the top regarding the industrial development, can also play a great role in creating opportunities for the qualified people. Some of the developing societies in this regard have taken some great initiatives and they have been successful as well. Therefore, it is also important that there should be determined and honest efforts to create new and innovative opportunities so that more and more of the human resource can be brought to work.

Afghanistan needs to take the issue of joblessness seriously. Though insecurity and terrorism are important, the most important issue being faced by the country today is poverty and joblessness. There are direct links between the insecurity and joblessness, which are neglected altogether. Unfortunately, behind the hyped news of terrorism, the issue of joblessness has become less important. However, it deserves as much attention as the growing insecurity and terrorism and even more than that.

This issue should be dealt immediately by Afghan authorities because it is becoming as the root of many other social issues in the country. The social problems like insecurity, immigration, drug addiction and crimes are mainly because of joblessness. If there are people who deserve to be working somewhere but are not provided the opportunity, there is huge likelihood that they will opt to join the ranks of the terrorists, become drug addicts and commit crimes or plan to migrate.

Therefore, the Afghan government must deal with this problem on top priority basis. The issue of joblessness is more dangerous and urgent than the issue of insecurity and terrorism. Having solved this issue, Afghan government would be a huge step closer to solving the issue of terrorism and insecurity.