Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Afghan Youth can Change the Future

Though different sorts of problems have dominated the Afghan society, the performance, vigor and the spirits of Afghan youth have never disappointed. Among difficulties and disappointments it is encouraging to find many of them motivated towards education and positive life and hopefully if they are given the chance to reign over the important institutions, they will be able to bring about many positive changes. Their recent role in media, modern education and information technology has convinced many that they have the potential to guarantee a prosperous future but there should be more efforts on the part of government for their improvement so that they are able to compete on the regional and international levels and become confident enough to stand on their own.  
Highlighting the same fact, First lady Rula Ghani on Thursday, December 22, while addressing an exhibition of computer science projects by students from around the country, encouraged the country’s younger generation to develop their talents and use them to build Afghanistan’s future and not to underestimate their abilities. “We have good memories and the country’s citizens have more talent. You should believe in your talents and stand on your own feet,” Rula Ghani said in her speech.
The exhibition was held at the Ministry of Higher Education where students from different universities displayed their projects in information technology – including software programs and hardware gadgets.
Such exhibitions are really important and they will support the youngsters to display their talents. It is also an opportunity for the government and private institutions and business firms to observe their talents and help them in finding careers as per their capabilities. There are many public and private organizations that require students with modern and practical education and through such events they can pursue their purposes.
Educated youngsters will be motivated if they find that their talents are being observed and being valued. The developed countries of the world have a great respect for the contribution of youth and the educational institutions, particularly the universities play a dominant role in their societies. Most of the youth are hired directly from the universities and they do not have to run after the jobs once they complete their education. The coordination between the educational institutions and public and private institutions are very strong and they fully understand one another’s requirements; therefore, they prepare accordingly and do not have to face the issue of unemployment to a large extent. Currently, Afghanistan is producing many educated youth but it should also have mechanism wherein these youth are compensated in their own professions; otherwise, their education may be wasted.
Afghanistan has the opportunity of making maximum benefits from its youth as its 60 percent population is below the age of 25. Many of them have the tendency to bring about positive changes in the society as they seem tired of instability and war. However, there are many others who have been victimized by the ongoing conflicts and instability and do not see any hope to come out of the quagmire. However, Afghanistan has an opportunity to use such a large number of human resource for a better tomorrow.
Without the contribution of the youth in Afghanistan it would be very difficult to see a healthy transition towards a democratic country and better economy as youth can have the real understanding for such a system and can work for it. They are being educated within a system that at least have some sort of structure and function, while the old generation did not have such an opportunity as they were going through civil wars and chaotic instability.
However, without a comprehensive strategy it would be really difficult for Afghanistan to make any achievement regarding the development and the improvement of the youth and their roles within the society. Afghan authorities need to design comprehensive policies in this regard and also design the ways to achieve them. Promises alone and separated actions would not bear any fruit and the youth would remain in the situation that is not favorable for their growth and capacity enhancement.   

Afghanistan has to prepare itself for providing higher education based on modern techniques and methodologies, better exposure opportunities, and ultimately job opportunities to this large number of people, which is the only way to make them play positive role. Every year a large number of youngsters complete their education and strive to find employment so that they are able to earn a livelihood and at the same time support their families and country. Some of them even turn to social evils and particularly they are recruited by the terrorists as they are not able to find proper job opportunities elsewhere. Therefore, they should be provided chances so that they are able to play a positive role in the society instead of becoming a burden or part of problem.