Editor in Chief: Moh. Reza Huwaida Sunday, May 31st, 2020

Environmental Protection Awareness

From earlier 21st century up till now, social and environmental problems and poverty have become high concerning problems; add to them the inavailibilty of fresh air and fresh water. Actions are supposed to be taken immediately in or order to stop such crisis from further impacts they will have on our lives. As we all, very manifestly, do witness that the majority of the nations around the globe, as well as the chief groups know that the appropriate venue for addressing such planetary challenges are the United Nations, which is the universal and neutral international body in existence today, therefore, it must be given more authority in this regard.

The impacts of environmental degradation is different in different regions. Perhaps, currently the people in the Asia-Pacific region are four times more likely to be affected by the natural and environmental tragedy than those in Africa and 25 times more likely than those in European or North America.

Consider Afghanistan, one of the most affected countries in the world, environmentally, economically and naturally. Environmentally, Afghanistan has been constantly the victims of various environmental crises in the last decades, particularly in the time of Taliban Regime.

We have lost our most precious mountainous source of income, jungles and trees have been cut down and the large amount of wood have been transported into our neighboring countries. Due to lack of proper governmental concern over the natural resources and mountainous trees, the country has lost its most mountainous trees and jungles for firewood purposes.

The stories in 2010 states that while the region generated one quarter of the world's GDP, it accounted for a staggering 85% of deaths and 38% of global economic losses due to natural disasters over the last three decades.

Unless these imbalances are addressed seriously, people who are constantly exposed to disaster risk are more likely to remain poor and more vulnerable to disasters, perpetuating a vicious cycle from which it is extremely difficult to break free.

So, protecting our home (planet earth) is extremely important, because our each breath links with our environment, keeping the environment clean, means saving our lives, therefore the responsibilty of keeping the environment clean starts from individual and it also must be the top debating priority for our government as well as the international community working on environment and natural recourse protection.

Finally, to save our planet (earth) we must have structured and coordinated implementation of the Action Plan to contribute to environmental developments and also have to effectively address the environmental challenges, we are steeped in. and thus, we have to support the country's work to improve the environmental legislation, policy and security. The mentioned Action Plan, at the same time, should be working to help enhance capacity of governmental officials to draft and implement environmental policies.

In the mean time, the international environmental protection agency must also help to develop implementing and enforcing the states environmental protection laws that ensure clean air, clean water, clean soil, safe pesticides and waste recycling and reduction. Our departments must be at the forefront of environmental science, using cutting-edge research to shape the world's environmental laws.

Hence, today across the globe, particularly in the Hunter region, the environmental impacts of mining are threatening the very air, water and food systems our communities rely on which means all of us. Our political leaders must rise to the challenge of ensuring our environment, water supplies and productive agricultural land are not lost or degraded in the growing rush of new mining and gas extraction projects approvals across the world.

Above all, if an action against the environment degradation doesn't take place, and the world's leaders don't concern this crucial issue, we all will suffer worse than ever imagined. Before it affects us, we must take a reaction against it. Protecting our environment means, protecting our lives.